The Secret Behind Bhumi Pednekar’s Weight Loss Revealed!


Remember the Cute and Chubby Sandhya from Dum Laga Ke Haisha? Yes, Bhumi Pednekar, the one who sizzled the magic of her acting skills last year. Who could have made out that she’s a debutante? She outdid her role as a fatso woman married to an illiterate village boy. But this time, she’s having something else to surprise us. Her flawless hourglass figure. Yes, this is no spoof! This is very much true as you can see yourself. How did she make it happen? In an interview she revealed the secret behind her tremendous weight loss journey. You can lose weight as well by following this diet plan.

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1. Breakfast
Most of the times, women skip the breakfast so as to cut off their calories. This deprives them of the much-needed nutrition. Losing weight never meant to mortgage your health. Drink fruit juices and have egg whites in breakfast to meet your daily protein requirements. You can also have Poha and Upma in your breakfast.

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2. Lunch
If you think that Bhumi has completely refrained from food to lose weight, then let me correct you. She never distanced herself from food. She switched from a conventional wheat roti to multigrain roti and from rice to amaranth. She never did say a complete no to fried food. She used olive oil for frying purpose in place of her regular refined oil.

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3. Daily Routine
She brought about many changes in her daily routine to lose weight. She used to wake up early in the morning and go for a walk. She indulged in sports like volleyball, swimming, etc. such types of games are an excellent way for leisure as well as working out. She also went dancing classes for weight loss.

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4. Juice Recipe
Just like losing weight, detoxifying your body is important as well. For detoxifying her body, Bhumi started having detox juices. She made a concoction out of apple, ginger, spinach, coriander and lemon juices and drank it daily. This juice also maintained a healthy glow on her face. Whenever she had a craving to eat something, she used to have curd with honey and fresh berry juice. This helped her to feel fuller and lose weight at the same time.

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5. Dinner
For losing weight, Bhumi used to have dinner at 8:30 sharp at night. And in her dinner, she used to have tofu, grilled fish or steamed veggies. She also had chicken sometimes. Apart from these, she used to have brown rice as a staple. If she felt an urge to eat something, she used to eat dark chocolates. Dark chocolates impart energy to her body while keeping her full for longer time.

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6. Refrain from some things
If you want to lose weight as well, then stay away from certain foods. For example, butter, cheese, sweets or junk food. You can lose a great deal of weight if you refrain from these foods. These foods add fats to your body.

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