Health Hack: 7 Foods That You Should Never Refrigerate


The refrigerator is considered as one of the convenient machines for storing and preserving foods. But do you guys know that a refrigerator can cut down all the essential elements and antioxidants from your food? Shocked! Well, it’s true. There are a lot of food items that you should never store in the fridge because there are chances that these foods can lose their natural taste and nutritional value. So, in this article, we have shared some foods that you should never refrigerate to maintain its natural texture and taste.

1. Onion

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You should never refrigerate onions as there are chances that it might get soft due the moisture and you won’t taste good. The best way to store onions is to keep it in a paper bag in a cool and dark place. And avoid keeping it with potatoes as they release gases and moisture that cab makes onions rot.

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2. Coffee

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Never keep coffee in a refrigerator as it can lose its natural flavour and can take up other odours present in the refrigerator which is not good for your health. So, it is suggested that you should store coffee in a cool and dark place to retain its freshness and natural flavour.

3. Fruits

Foods-That-You-Should-Never-RefrigerateImage Source: juicingnation

Avocado, banana, citrus fruits, apples, peaches, and apricots are the fruits that should not be stored in the refrigerator. Because storing them in the fridge can result in loss of textures and natural flavour. Still, if you want to have a crispy bite then you can store it for 30 minutes prior to eating.

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4. Basil

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For keeping basil fresh it is suggested to store it below 40 degrees F or it turns black. And when these leaves are added to the dishes they lose their natural flavour and even make it poisonous. So, it is advised that you should store it inside a zip-lock plastic bag in a shady place.

5. Pickles

Foods-That-You-Should-Never-Refrigerate-5Image Source: epicurious

Pickles contain a high amount of preservatives  and when it is kept in the fridge it can be spoiled easily and can even cause harmful effects on your body. So, it is better to store them outside and in open space.

6. Potatoes

Foods-That-You-Should-Never-Refrigerate-6Image Source: co

When potatoes are stored in the refrigerator it converts starch into sugar which can prove harmful to your health. And when these potatoes are added to any dish it might result in sweet flavour. So, it is better to store them in pantry or paper bag.

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7. Bread

Foods-That-You-Should-Never-Refrigerate-7Image Source: browneyedbaker

When you store bread in the fridge it tends to make your bread dry faster. So, instead of storing it in the refrigerator it is better to keep it at room temperature or in a bread box.

So, these were the few foods that you should never refrigerate.


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