Things you relate if you have a girl ‘bestie’


“Friends are the most important ingredient in this recipe called life”- well said. They add the much needed spice to your life. Having friends is a great feeling, but having a bestie is lot more than that. Either it’s your mom, sister or your classmate. Best friends are rare to find but once found, take a lot to lose. They understand you well, they help you in need and most importantly, they make you feel blessed with a special bond when no one actually cares who you are.

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While people have a perception that a boy and a girl can never be good friends, more than that it is said that no two girls can ever become “besties.” But the thing is, Girls who are blessed with a girl best friend are lucky. They are the companion in their so-called girly things and partner in crime for one-another. Counting on the benefits of having such a bond, here are the top ten ones:

Always have the same opinion on any topic

You and your bestie will have same opinion on similar topics, whether it’s a TV serial or a piece of cloth. You share your likes and dislikes and more than that your compliments are somewhat similar on major topics very often.

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Usually wear similar clothes

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You both decide to wear same cloth on a particular day to flaunt your love for each other.

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Watch movies together and cry at the same time

Girls are emotional specially while watching movies. While they might be mocked by others if they cry during an emotional scene. It’s only their best friend who stay by their side and pass the tissues.

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Exchange snapshot of conversation between them and their boyfriends

Girls often get confused what to say next in between chats and to seek advice what to say next? Only a girl best friend can offer true suggestion about guys. They also give free counseling after breakups.

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Sometimes, people think that you are lesbians

Your too much strong bonding sometimes make people think this way and prompts them to think that you are lesbians. And interestingly, you don’t even give a damn about it!

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Feel cozy in each other’s house

You recognize every single element of her family, be it her chachi, chachi ka bhai, bua ka beta and so many other distant relatives. Remember the Vijaylaxmi from movie Queen.

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“Halla” on social networking sites

You both plan to spoil someone’s timeline or the comment section with your crappy comments.

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Hang out together frequently

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You make sudden plans to hang out, eat, shop and booze together and that is high on masti or fun.

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Truth always triumphs

You can’t keep your mouth shut when it comes to speaking the truth. You have great understanding that’s why you vomit out what’s cooking in your mind.

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Makeup advice

Makeup is girl’s favorite hobby. You both guide each other about makeup and fashion trends that are in vogue.

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