This Christmas Try Coconut Mocha Donuts Recipe at Home


Coconut mocha donuts recipe is the delicious donuts recipe that you can make at home during Christmas for your kids. This appetizing recipe is glazed with chocolate dip and cover with a layer of coconut. This is a perfect sweet recipe that you can prepare this Christmas easily. So, try out this recipe and serve this chocolaty delight to your family and friends.

Preparation time: 30 minutes

Total time: 10 minutes

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Serves: 4

Ingredients needed for coconut mocha donuts recipe:

• Flour- 2 cups
• Baking powder- 2 teaspoons
• Salt- 1 teaspoon
• Brown sugar- 10 tablespoons
• Milk- 1 cup
• Sour cream- 1 cup
• Eggs- 2 beaten
• Coconut oil (melted)- 6 tablespoons
• Coffee powder- 2 tablespoons
• Water (boiled)- 4 tablespoons

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For dressing:

• Cocoa powder- 1/2 cup
• Sugar (powdered)- 3 cups
• Coconut milk- 4 teaspoons
• Milk- 6 tablespoons
• Coconut (shredded)- 1 cup

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Now, how to make coconut mocha donuts:

• First, pre-heat the oven to 325 degrees.
• Now, take a large deep bowl.
• Then, add flour, baking powder and cocoa powder to it.
• After that add some sugar and salt.
• Mix all the ingredients properly.
• Now, add the beaten eggs to the flour mixture.
• Then, mix it well with the spoon.
• Add sour cream and a cup of milk to the mixture.
• Then, mix all the ingredients again and make sure that there are no lumps.
• Keep the batter aside.
• In the meantime take a small bowl and fill it with hot water.
• Add some instant coffee to the bowl and mix till it dissolves completely.
• Once done pour it into the donut batter that you prepared earlier.
• After that mix the batter again.
• Now, take a donut mold pan and grease it with oil.
• Then, pour the batter equally into the molds with a spoon.
• After that place the molds for baking for about 10 to 14 minutes.
• Once done remove it from the oven and keep it aside to cool down.
• Take a separate bowl and mix cocoa powder with sugar and mix it with 6 tablespoons of milk.
• Now, add the coconut milk to the mixture to make it thicker.
• After that, you will get a thick glaze.
• Then, turn on the broiler on low and then place the baking sheet.
• Spread the shredded coconut on the baking sheet and toast for a minute.
• Toast till they turn slight brown in color.
• After that take a donut and dip it in the chocolate glaze and then in the toasted coconut.
• Repeat the same with the remaining donuts.
• Your coconut mocha donuts are ready.


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