Essential and Useful Tips for Solo Traveling


Everybody in their lifetime wants to go at least once on a trip all by themselves but only few manage to do it. You should have come across various unsolicited advices from people such as avoiding talking to strangers, sticking to a well-lit area and many more. If you’re about to jet off and are still not sure which advices to follow and which advices not to, here is a comprehensive list of the topmost 9 handy tips for solo traveling.

Research Comes First When it Comes to Tips for Solo Traveling

Research Comes First When it Comes to Tips for Solo TravelingImage Source: brittanymthiessen

Before heading towards any place, research about that place. Under it, you should check about all the transportation system, best places to visit, dark areas and safest places in the city. Also, check out the prices of hotel and motels.

Going alone, Ring Bells

Going alone, Ring BellsImage Source: polkadotpassport

If you want to go alone but also scared as to what you should do if something goes wrong, don’t worry we have a solution for you. Booking a group tour would be a great idea and you will really enjoy the experience. You will have a security of a group & a local guide and also you will make some new friends.

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Savvy Packing

Savvy PackingImage Source: itrex

Sometimes going alone can be rough. You should always give space to some essential things such as sun & cold cream, power bank, padlocks for locker and luggage.

Be Alert & Safe

Be Alert & SafeImage Source: hostelworld

While traveling you won’t stick to any unknown group which sometimes makes the condition vulnerable. Be alert and be aware of pickpockets.

Stay Somewhere with Free Wi-Fi

Stay Somewhere with Free Wi-FiImage Source: sndimg

It’s good to spend most of the time outdoor or coming back late-night but if you are spending more time in the hotel, then book a place which has a free wi-fi so that you can share your adventure stories with your family & friends and upload the photos.

Be Local

Be LocalImage Source: roughguides

While spending money on anything, whether you are booking accommodation or purchasing any item, you should think and bargain like local. Though you could have been asked to be on alert by your folks that you should not talk to strangers but sometimes it’s good to interact with strangers; this way you will come to know about the native culture & tradition.

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Be an Early Bird

Be an Early BirdImage Source: travelsavers

If nightclubs and pub crawling doesn’t excite you then be an early bird. There are lots of places where you can go alone and it will be safe as well. You have plenty of time to explore the city and to cover the sightseeing.

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Be a Photographer

Be a PhotographerImage Source: amazonaws

Take plenty of photographs of the places you visit and share your memories on social media with your friends and family. It is also important for them so that they can track you.

Itinerary Copy & Contact List

Itinerary Copy & Contact ListImage Source: intrepidtravel

Always leave a copy of your itinerary with your family and friends which includes your day-by-day schedule (hotel timings & flight reservation) and always carry a list of important people with phone number which should include emergency contact number, pertinent phone number and credit card helpline number (in case your card is stolen).

There are lots of things which you won’t be able to do when traveling with others such as going on a date with someone you just met, party till wee hours, going early to bed, and so on! Freedom is the one the best feelings so, enjoy it to the fullest!

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