Top 9 Bollywood Divas Who Are An Inspiration For Today’s Women


Bollywood Has Always Been An Inspiration To Many Indians And Our Society In Many Exceptional Ways. And Our Leading Ladies Of Indian Cinema Are The Biggest Inspiration Of All.
Let us take a look at how these gorgeous ladies have left an inspirational mark in the history of Bollywood and our lives.

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A true Bollywood Diva, calm, poised, composed, classy and elegant, Deepika Padukone is our greatest inspiration in today’s world. Fighting hard with depression and coming out in open about it, are the two most difficult situations women are facing now, but for DP nothing seems to be impossible. Not only did she bravely fought with depression but after recovering from it, she did all she can to spread the awareness amongst people to save and help them. Deepika holds a very strong opinion on matters she gives importance to and is never afraid to express them either.


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From Bollywood to Hollywood, our ‘Desi Girl’ has successfully crossed many hurdles throughout her journey. During her school days in the US, Priyanka Chopra was called ‘Browny’ for being a dark skinned Indian girl. But now that she has carved a niche for herself in the west, through her acting and singing skills, PC owns the crown of being an inspiration to all those who take stand for themselves and come out successful. The ‘Most Beautiful Women in the World’ has gained respect all over the world through hard work and confident.


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Who needs an introduction, when you are always the talk of the town? Be it marrying a man older more than a decade of her or carrying out her pregnancy in the most glamorous way no other actress in the Bollywood ever did, Kareena Kapoor Khan never lets the society affect her decisions. On-screen or off-screen, BEBO is that bubbly, happy-go-around girl of Jab We Met, we all love and adore so much. Breaking stereotypes, doing what makes her happy, not giving a damn about what people think or say and living life on her own terms, Kareena has emerged as a powerful idol figure to many modern time girls.


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Fledgling, hot and sizzling, our Bollywood’s youngest fashionista, Alia Bhatt, has impressed everyone with her great acting skills in movies like Udta Punjab and Highway. Proving everyone wrong about her being a spoilt star kid who needs her father’s association to get work in the industry and successfully bagging many of her famed movies. An inspiration to many young Indian girls that nothing is impossible if you wish to achieve it with all your heart.

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Rewarded with ‘Padma Shri’, known for her beauty worldwide, soft-spoken, elegant, gracious and former Miss World, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan owns several international credits on her name and has acted in numerous commercials and critically acclaimed movies. Stunning the world with her beauty and great acting, Aishwarya has been ruling the industry without any filmy background for support and is a leading icon to many inspiring women.


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Bollywood’s number one style icon, for over two decades, Madhuri Dixit Nene, has been a true inspiration to most of the women around the world. She has been leading the industry’s most stylish icon for many years in all the women’s heart out there. She earned fame and respect at a very young age and got married in her 30s. Almost after a decade, she returns to Bollywood and resumed her career and her iconic image with all her grace and elegance that she has always beholden.

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7. SUSHMITA SENImage Source: mrpopat

A beautiful happy single mother of two gorgeous young girls, Sushmita Sen broke the society’s tradition to get married early and having kids for the sake of the family. She is still single and happily living with her little family of two loving daughters, breaking all the conventional molds of our society and never afraid of doing something challenging and different. An inspiration to all of us ladies, former Miss Universe, now 41-years old Sushmita Sen has never backed out from the chances of gaining new experiences and expressing herself on any matter.


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Of course, our Queen is one of those who has inspired us blissfully and changed our lives in eccentric ways. Unlike many other stars of Bollywood who reminisce about others’ lives, Kangana Ranaut never minced her words with media or any of her co-star for that matter. She is known to be the most courageous and bold actress of Bollywood.

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From ‘Riches to rags and back to riches again’, Farah has seen it all, literally! She found love in a man who is 9 years younger to her and is a happy mother of triplets now. A successful choreographer and a very successful director as well, Farah rocks her life no matter what comes in her way! Making the leading stars of Bollywood dance at her fingertips is what we find most inspiring about her. She taught us the most important lesson of life, that is whether you are at your highs or lows, always keep smiling and face every problem with confidence and courage.

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