Top 9 Tips to Take Care of Nose Piercing


If you are the person who loves to keep up with the trend, then I am sure that you are aware of the nose piercing. The small and chunky nose pins are something which has always fascinated us. Nose pins are available in various designs and colors from which people can opt according to their style and requirements. While choosing a perfect nose pin is an easy but taking care of that piercing till it gets healed is a tough task. But, don’t worry as we are going to share some simple tips to take care of nose piercing that will help you.

1. Clean the pierced area with salt water

Clean the pierced area with salt waterImage Source: almodabodypiercing

This is something that you should do on the same day when you get your nose pierced. You can easily clean your nose pin at home by using the salt solution. For preparing this salt solution, you just need to mix 1/2 teaspoon of salt with a cup of warm water. Now, dip the cotton ball in the solution and apply it over the pierced the area.

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Alternatively, you can also opt for a saline solution for healing the pierced area.

2. Try to keep your hands clean

 Try to keep your hands cleanImage Source: coyleinstitute

It is suggested not to touch the pierced area with your hands frequently. And while cleaning, it is suggested that you keep your hands clean as there are chances of infections spreading around the pierced the area. So, always wash your hands with soap to avoid infections.

3. Avoid playing with the pierced jewelry

 Avoid playing with the pierced jewelryImage Source: ytimg

Most of us have a habit of constantly touching the new piercing and keep checking out the new jewelry. But, this can lead to infections and can also lead to bacterial build up. So, it is advised that you should avoid touching your piercing as it can lead to more pain and irritation.

4. Avoid using harsh products

Avoid using harsh productsImage Source: co

There are many people who prefer to clean their piercing using alcohol or peroxide. But, it is suggested that you should avoid using these products as it can damage your skin badly especially if you have a sensitive skin. And for this reason, it is suggested that you should opt for natural remedies for cleaning.

5. Avoid swimming

Avoid swimmingImage Source: co

If you are the person who loves to go for hot water bath and swimming frequently then, you have to avoid them for a few days till your piercing heals. Because the water in them contains bacteria that can lead to infection. Still, if it necessary then, you should cover your piercing with a band before you get into the water.

6. Turmeric and hot oil

Turmeric and hot oilImage Source: stylecraze

Turmeric is a natural ingredient which is best known for its healing and antiseptic properties. So, if you want to dry your piercing faster, you can use this simple remedy. Just heat some oil like coconut oil and mix it with a pinch of turmeric. Now, apply this mixture to the pierced area using a cotton ball and allow it sit for 10 minutes. After that, wash off your skin with warm water.

7. Remove jewelry after the healing period

Remove jewelry after the healing periodImage Source: autumnsmummyblog
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It is advised that you should remove the jewelry once the piercing is healed completely because there are chances that piercing might get closed fast if you remove it early. And if your jewelry is too tight and has some issues then, get it fixed from the piercing studio as soon as possible.

8. Avoid applying makeup on the pierced area

Avoid applying makeup on the pierced areaImage Source: ytimg

It is suggested that you should avoid applying makeup on the fresh pierced area as there are chances it might lead to infections and clogging. In short, try to keep all kinds of cosmetics away from the fresh pierced area.

9. Avoid sleeping on dirty pillows

 Avoid sleeping on dirty pillowsImage Source: bt

Dirty pillows are known as the source of bacteria that can cause infections. So, it is advised that you should change your pillow before infections affect your piercing.

So, these were the few tips to take care of nose piercing.

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