Truth Potato Is Here to Give You a Dose of Reality Check!


It is very well said that ‘Wisdom is found only in truth’. And today, we have found the Truth Potato, which is all set to give us a reality check. These adorable small sketches with one-line bombers are sure to you the things that you must have forgot.
Have a look!

1. Favorite Aasana

2. We all have been through this.

3. Because truth always wins

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4. Never lose hope

5. What are you going to choose?

6. When that song comes up.

7. Be a HERO

8. Because people are judgemental

9. Because we all love the past

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10. Because it’s a thing of fairy tales

CH Mini
A die hard fan of Chainsmoker with a motto to live the life absolutely king size. Though Mini is an expert in killing jokes, she loves writing. And when she is not scribbling, you will find her in a corner with headphones on and watching Netflix television shows.

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