Try Making Gujiyas In 6 Unusual Ways, This Holi!


Different Cultures, Different Styles!
The love for our desi Gujiyas has derived from the culinary kitchen of the Arabic land, during the rule of Mughals. But now, as we live in a country of different cultures, this delicious and savory sweet dish has been adapted to be cooked in different styles in different regions, relating to their cultures.
Gujiyas are those crunchy, sweet filled flour pastries, that no one in our Indian society can resist eating. Though it is unknown to how Gujiyas are associated with the festival of Holi, yet everyone enjoys eating them. The ritual started in the courtier of Mughals and Nawabs when Gujiyas were prepared in their celebratory kitchen.
Traditionally offering the sweets to friends and relatives on the festive occasion of colors, there are many ways that a Gujiya can be made. But we are here to present you with an idea of 6 best and easy methods you can make Gujiyas this Holi, in different styles.

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Famously made in Bihar and Jharkhand, Perukiya is a kind of Gujiya with semolina and mawa fillings, not too high on sugar but definitely high on crunch. Unlike Gujiyas, Perukiyas are not dipped in sugar syrups but are just deep-fried, which makes them perfect for even diabetic patients as well.


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Karanji has rather different taste and fillings then Perukiya, mostly stuffed with dry fruits like cashew, almonds and raisins, lots and lots of fresh coconuts, nutmeg, and cardamom powder. Deep-fried for a nice crunch, Karanjis can be stored in an air-tight container for a longer period.

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Gujrat’s very own Gujiya, Ghughra is a deep-fried flour pastry, filled with coconut, rawa, dry fruits, and sugar. A perfect blend of all the Gujrati essential ingredients that makes them special.

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Famously prepared amongst the Goan Hindus on Ganesh Chaturthi especially, this version of Gujiya has poppy seeds, coconut, cardamom powder and sugar for the filling.



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Karjikai is the type of Gujiya that is made in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka states, which has mostly dry coconut fillings with dry fruits along with it.


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Popular in the North Indian States, Gujiya is north Indian’s favorite sweet that they make on the festive occasion of Holi. It has dry fruits and mawa for the filling and is deep fried for a crunchy taste. At last, many of us like it dipped in sugar syrup, and some of us just like to have it dry.

Try them all to get a different flavor for every guest on this Holi, and share your reviews later!

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