Try These Simple Everyday Tips & Tricks For Easy Living


We all deal with everyday life problems, be it any small issue or a blunder. But we don’t realize is that we can solve these problems using some simple everyday hacks, that are not just simple and easy, but are long-lasting as well. All you need is a moment to get these things done or fix anything that is of important use to you.

If you wish to make your life simpler, than keep on reading this article and you’ll get some great tips & tricks for some easy life hacks.

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1. You Can Use Velcro Strips Under The Carpet

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Use Velcro strips to keep your carpets or kids & pets safe from causing any accidents. Simply stick those Velcro strips on the underside of your carpets and that will do the trick of preventing your naughty ones from getting under them.

2. Sticking A Dryer Sheet Over Your AC Will Do The Trick

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To eliminate all the foul smells from your room, simply stick a dryer sheet on the pane of your air conditioner and see its magic! It will remove all the intolerable smell as soon as you turn on your AC.

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3. Soap & Water For Swirling The Blender Clean

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This is probably the best way to clean your blender, without having to cut your hands or waste so much water while doing so! Take liquid soap and pour a little amount into the blender jar. Now give it a go and whirl fir few second. There you go, with a clean and neat blender, ready to go for the next round!

4. Cool Down Your Laptop On Egg Craters

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Does your laptop gets hot while you are working on it? With this simple trick, it won’t anymore. Simply place an egg crater under your laptop while you are doing your work on it, and it will help your laptop stay cool for whole day long.

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5. Inside Out Ironing Trick

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Stop fighting with that buttoned shirt while ironing it! All you need to do is flip it inside out and then do the ironing on it. The iron will run smooth without getting stuck between the buttons or breaking them along the way.

6. Newspaper For The Bins

Image Source: treadingmyownpath

Are you fed up of the mess that the rotten stuff leaves behind at the bottom of your garbage bin? You don’t have to anymore! Simply place a newspaper at the bottom of your bin and them you can throw away that rotten mess without having to worry about stinky juices it leaves behind. The newspaper will soak it all.

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7. Is That A Milk Jug Or A Watering Can?

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Do you throw away those old and used jugs? After reading this, you will not do that anymore! You can turn your empty milk jugs into the watering cans easily. Make holes in the jug to water your plants.

8. Scented Soap For Dirty Clothes

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Isn’t this obvious, while travelling you get so much less time to manage your clothes, let alone wash them or keep them tidy all the time! But don’t worry, we have a trick that will prevent you from transferring your dirty clothes’ stink to your good ones. Simply place a scented soap bar with your dirty laundry to keep them smelling fresh.

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Now don’t wait guys, go ahead and try them out! Share other life hacks that you do to make your life simpler and manageable. Comment in the section below!

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