7 Different Types of Waxing For Hair Removal


Body waxing might sound like a modern practice, but it has a long history that goes back to 3,000 B.C. Cleopatra was a trendsetter who got all her body hair removed on top of her head. The Ancient Egyptians prepared tweezers from seashells which also used beeswax for hair removal.

Sugar waxing is the first wax invented in the Middle East and often used a cooked lemon and sugar mixture to exfoliate hair off the skin. The Ancient Greeks plucked their pubic hair that was considered low class.

Types of waxing for hair removal

1. Heated soft wax

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This type of soft wax comes in a pot which could be heated in the microwave. One of the reasons this kind of wax is so common for people who wish to remove unwanted hair is that the heat combined with the soft texture of the wax makes it easier to spread thinly across the body.

Also, the heat has the extra benefits of opening the pores on the skin, which makes it easier for hair removal and even make it less painful, as well.

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2. Cold soft wax


Unlike heated soft wax, cold soft wax is taken from the container and placed directly on skin where you wish to wax. This is a convenient option if you wish to wax your body or are new to waxing and are not comfortable with heating up the wax on your body because you may be afraid of burning your body.

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While you do not have to worry about wax cooling to be used as you go with hot soft wax, there are many other problems that few people face when they choose for cold soft wax in place of heated soft wax.

One problem with this kind of wax could be that it is harder than the cool soft wax is. While this might seem to give you better control over where you’ll put wax, it could actually make it more difficult to apply wax in an even layer, making waxing more painful.

3. Pre-made strips


It is perfect for everyone who is very new to waxing and don’t know how to begin, might be worried about using too much wax, or is concerned of how to use this strips to remove wax, pre-made strips take hard work of waxing the hair and make it quick and easy.

No matter whether you haven’t waxed before or are in hurry and do not want to go with heating your wax and getting outstrip, pre-made strips would let you to remove unwanted hair fast.

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4. Hard wax


This type of easy hair removal wax doesn’t require a strip to be removed, and while wax is warmed up a little, it is not going to be as warm as heated soft wax. You have to warm up the wax a little, as it cannot be used at the room temperature or when cool.

After cleaning the skin it is normal to apply pre-epilation oil to skin before using the wax. It is important to remember while applying hard wax is it needs to be applied as thick layer than the soft wax, and need to be applied in the direction of hair growth.

5. Chocolate


This is a very common waxing method that is performed at most salons and has the health benefits of chocolate with the powerful hair removal. As an effective ingredient, chocolate is a great option if you wish to improve health of the skin and decrease the pain if you feel doing waxing. It is full of antioxidants that make it a great option to keep the skin healthy during the waxing process.

6. Fruit


Fruit wax is similar to hard wax and is a great choice for people who have sensitive skin. Because it has fruit extracts, such as plum and berry, this kind of wax is packed with antioxidants and also has a number of various vitamins that help nourish and improve the health of the skin. Also, this type of wax is a lot gentler on skin than the traditional body waxes.

While it does mean that waxing can be a little more costly than the basic type of wax, you don’t need to worry about irritating or other problems. The health benefit of this kind of wax does not depend on the cost for most of the people, who consider it more than a wax.

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7. Sugar


Sugar wax is one of the primitive types of body waxes, and includes water, sugar, lemon, and along with other powerful ingredients to increase the efficiency of this wax. Because this kind of wax is made with natural ingredients, it’s a great option for people who have very sensitive skin which tend to react with other waxes which are packed with chemicals.

Unlike soft wax, sugar wax doesn’t fix to the skin, and it means that it could be applied on the same area more than one time without removing skin or causing irritation.

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