Smart and Simple Ways to Deal with Jealous Co-Workers


Do you also face negativity from co-workers around whenever you are praised by your boss? Do you also feel that your co-workers don’t like you as a person? Well, this can happen because they are jealous of you. But, don’t worry as you can easily handle such situations by using these simple ways to deal with jealous co-workers.

1. Try To Stay Diplomatic

Try To Stay DiplomaticImage Source: exploringyourmind

There are chances that your co-workers may start to ignore you intentionally when you come in good books of your boss. So, in such situations, all you need to do is to stay calm and tackle the situation with a diplomatic approach. Further, engage in conversations and maintain a friendly attitude with everyone.

2. Maintain Formal Mode Of Communication

Maintain Formal Mode Of CommunicationImage Source: worklogichr

When it comes to work, make sure you keep all your communications over emails and if required, keep your seniors in the loop. This simple tip will save you at the time when you are targeted for no reason.

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3. Think Before You Speak

Think Before You SpeakImage Source: envato

There are higher chances of you being the centre of all the gossips, so it is advised that you should avoid gossiping about others. Take your time and listen carefully and then, react accordingly.

4. Teach Instead Of Preach

Teach Instead Of PreachImage Source: envato

It is good if you are extending a helping hand to your co-workers, but it is important that you make them learn instead of lecturing them. Try to present your view in the form of an advice and then, let them decide whether to follow it or not.

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5. Avoid Bragging (One Of The Best Ways To Deal With Jealous Co-Workers)

Avoid Bragging (One Of The Best Ways To Deal With Jealous Co-Workers)Image Source: forbes

We understand it was really hard for you to achieve your professional milestone but that does not mean that you keep bragging about it all the time especially with your colleagues. Always opt for this when you are in need of explanation.

6. Maintain A Low-Profile

Maintain A Low-ProfileImage Source: cgtn

This is the best way to deal with your jealous co-workers. If you are really about the fact that you got a great project to work on or another perk, makes sure you don’t announce it to the world. Control your emotions and deal your co-workers with confidence and politeness.

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Now, you know how to deal with your co-workers make sure you use these tips. If you have more effective tips regarding this topic, don’t forget to share it with us.

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