Weird Facts: 8 Food Items That Are Banned Across The World



The reason behind food ban is not same at all, every country has different reasons because they consider it inhuman, simply due to county’s radical politics, or some in the name of religions. For instance, the stinky French delicacy has been banned in Australia and New Zealand until the year 2005. Nearly 80 percent of processed food package and sold in markets in the US now banned in other countries around the world.
Hectic lifestyle of this generation is not easy at all to maintain the health. Every single day you must be consuming food from outside that contains potentially harmful ingredients and dangerous for your health. Each country has its own cooking habits and every culture has its own sense of taste.

1. Tomato ketchup banned in France

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France is a wonderful place for foodies as you get to eat all the delicious foods. But if you love snacks with a great amount of tomato ketchup, then you will be surprised to know what happens here in France. In 2011, the French government banned tomato ketchup from elementary schools’ cafeteria, so that French cuisine doesn’t get overshadowed by the condiment.

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2. Samosa banned in Somalia

The delicious Samosa you eat in India is banned in Somalia. That yummy snack made with refined flour filling of vegetable. The reason behind the ban is its triangular shape, that didn’t go well with a powerful extremist group in Somalia, as they consider it resembles the Christianity Holy Trinity to Al-Shabaab group. Therefore, they finally got banned in the year 2011.

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3. Chewing gum banned in Singapore

Chewing gum is strictly banned in Singapore under the Regulation of the imports and exports. Only therapeutic dental chewing gum is allowed to be used in Singapore. The reason behind the ban was to protect public and private property, as they use spent chewing gums to disrupt Mass Rapid Transit (MRT)services.

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4. Kinder eggs banned in the US

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The government of USA puts a ban on the sale of Kinder Surprise Eggs. As they are sincerely concerned for health. The Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act banned confectionery products which contain a non-nutritive object. Also, that the hidden toy inside the Kinder Surprise Eggs could be harmful to the children so they are banned too.

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5 Jelly mini-cups banned in UK and EU

Kids’ favourite choice is the colourful sticky and sweet jelly mini cups, are banned in UK and EU. Because the food additive E 425, is known as konjac gum which is a cooking supplement widely used in Japan for making soups. It has a thickening agent, which may cause choking hazards for kids and older people as well. So, forget about jellies!

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6 Horse meat banned in US and UK

In some part of the western world, they have given horse as pet status, particularly in the United States and the United Kingdom. There is a certain culture in these countries against horse meat. Consumption of horse meat is strictly prohibited and punishable offense.

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7 Dairy products banned in the US

Unpasteurized dairy and other milk products are all banned in Canada and in 22 states of the USA. Regarding health concerns and the actual reason is, the germs present in the products may spread E-coli, listeriosis, food poisoning and many more, which may create an unhealthy environment.

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8 Haggis banned in the US

A Scottish yummy haggis food, have been banned in the United States for nearly 40 years. It is made of sheep lung mixed with other organs and spices. They mention illegal due to the commercialization of sheep lung.

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