Why it is Harmful to Reuse the Remaining Oil in the Pan?


There are plenty of yummy and typical Indian dishes are prepared in spices and oil. Whether it’s delicious kachauris or the lip-smacking samosas, oil is inevitable in all the dishes. Everything is fried using the oil. Without oil, Indian cuisine can’t be considered complete.

But few of us reuse the oil left in the pan after frying out delicacies in it. If health is concerned, this is not a good thing to do. The remnant oil in the pan shouldn’t be used more than once. This practice is really harmful to our health.

So, if you are also among those who do that, you should really stop a while and read this post carefully.

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Why is it harmful?

Everyone like the snacks loaded with oil and ghee. It is very economical to use the remaining oil again in the economic terms, but do you know that this practice can open the gates to cancer? Heating the oil, again and again, can produce carcinogen in it. This increases the risk of getting gall bladder cancer and stomach cancer.

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How Can It Harm Our Body?
Cooking food with the same oil, again and again, can make it a perfect abode for diseases. Free radicals are produced every time you heat the oil. These free radicals eat up the antioxidants from the oil. This is the reason why it can cause cancer. Apart from this, the oil also loses its aroma when heated for more than once. Reheating also accumulates the fat at the bottom of the vessels. This fat enters our food and harms our body. This is the reason why used oil has more quantities of fat than the fresh one. So if you don’t want to gain weight, just use the oil wisely.

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Use the Right Oil
According to a research, heating the oil, again and again, can give rise to toxins. These toxic substances are found in surprising quantities in the used oils. More you heat the oil, more the toxins are produced. Mustard oil has lesser quantities of linoleic acid as compared to grapeseed oil, sunflower oil and corn oil. That’s why it shouldn’t be used to deep fry your snacks.

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Don’t Use the Oil If You See the Fat Settled At the Bottom
If you’re still using the oil anyhow, just make sure that there is not fat residue at the bottom of the vessel. If you see the black sticky substance in the vessel, then don’t use the oil. It would be synonymous to inviting many diseases. Such oil contains many toxins dissolved in it which harm our body without even us taking notice of it. If you see that the consistency of the oil has changed, feel free to throw the oil away without having any second thought.

The food you cook should be healthy as well as tasty. Don’t do something foolish in order to save few bucks!

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