Women Celebrities Were the Victims of Domestic Violence too!!


The more we are expanding in terms of wealth, the more we are parting from each other in real lives. I used to enjoy those days when all the neighbors made sure that they celebrate the happy occasions together and help each other in the time of needs. These days because of lack of energy and time, we are becoming more vulnerable to anger, stress and disloyalty and this has given birth to many serious issues like suicides, increasing number of divorce, rape cases and not to forget domestic violence. You would be surprised to know that even women celebrities are not spared from the trauma.

And today I will tell you who all have suffered the pain and how the life of these celebrities is not rosy all the time!

  • Dimpy Ganguly – She came to limelight after she married Rahul Mahajan in 2010 through a reality show. But her dreams soon shattered when she was reported complaining about the abusive and violent nature of her husband. Poor she who thought of settling well after marriage!
  • Zeenat Aman – Who can forget the start of 70’s; she was sizzling and was always open about her sexuality.  But her charisma did not help her in maintaining a healthy marital status. Firstly, she was with a sour relationship with Sanjay Khan who used to beat her badly and then her marriage with Mazhar Kahn also not lasted long. Though she tried and gave second chance to life, yet she was only deceived in the end! Sad :(!
  • Somy Ali – She wanted to marry the hot and sizzling actor Salman Khan in 90’s but her rosy imagination turned out be bit heart breaking. She left Salman because of his abusive nature and moved to US. Perhaps this was what motivated her that she now runs a NGO that deals with the victims of abuse. Quite inspiring 🙂
  • Sabah Galadari – Adnan Sani was also not a saver and he too is among the list of devils, he used to hurt her wife with the burning cigarette butt, oh my god! How brutal is that and insane too! They got divorced after three years of battle, finally a sigh!
  • Aishwarya Rai Bachchan – Yes she too admitted that she was being stalked and abused by her then boyfriend Salman Khan; perhaps this is the reason why the actor has not managed a companion until now!

Bearing violence is more of a crime that doing it, so never feel like a slave and fight for your rights, share your views on how you think about this.

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