You Can Get What You Want With These 10 Foolproof Tips!


How awesome do we feel when we get what we want? It seems that the whole world has conspired to bring the best to us. But sometimes we desire for things which are not only hard to achieve but nearly impossible as well. By the way, we are going to discuss 10 such nearly impossible things which can achieve with these amazing tricks.

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1. Want To Make Someone Fall For You? Do This!
This is not as easy as it seems to be in the movies. But you can do this easily. How? With the help of the tricks which I’m going to tell you today. With this trick, even the coldest of the heart can be thawed. All you have to do is to ask them for a favour. Don’t overthink! Because when you’ll ask him for a favour, he’s definitely going to help you out. It will also break the ice between you two.

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2. How to know who’s More Close To Whom In A Group
If you’re new to a place and don’t know much about anyone, then try this trick. You want to know who more close to whom is in a group. So pay attention to their body language when they sit together. The person he’s looking at while he’s laughing would probably be the one he’s more close to.

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3. How to win someone’s trust super quick!
Winning someone’s trust is no easier than summiting the Mt. Everest itself! But if you want to gain someone’s trust, then try to copy his actions. Agree with most of what he says and copy his body language as well. Then wait and watch, that person will begin to trust you. He will think you’re just as same as you are.

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4. How to avoid quarrels and fights
If the person is picking fights with you and you don’t want to be the part of the quarrel, then you only have to do one thing. No matter how angry the person is being at you, sit beside him quietly. This will make him uncomfortable and will stop him to continue the fight further.

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5. How to teach a lesson to the bullies
You must have seen that some people have this habit of making your fun all the time. But you don’t need to tolerate their jokes anymore. Such people need to be taught a lesson at least once in their life. Next time when they crack a joke at you go near them and say, “I can’t understand what you’re saying, can you explain me again?” this will make them uncomfortable and realize their mistake.

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6. How to Teach Etiquettes to someone
It’s not easy to teach someone. There are some people who won’t do anything right until they are given a good whip of the lash. Making such people well-behaved is a tedious task to do. You can make use of the pictures and posters to teach them a lesson. When a friend of yours is throwing garbage on the roads then you can send him a cleanliness posters over WhatsApp. He will feel that such ill deed of his is being noticed.

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7. How to make anyone reveal secrets about them
When you’re trying to discover things about someone but he’s not being much open to you then just stop talking and look straight away into his eyes. It will intimidate him and make him speak the truth.

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8. How to make people take your advice seriously
This is rather difficult. But it’s not impossible. For this, you have to share your own experience with them. After this only, people will start taking advice from you. People tend to take advice from those who have themselves been in the plight once in their life.

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9. How to get what you want
You must have heard that people do not always get what they desire. So why don’t we desire for more than we really want? But make sure that you don’t ask too much from your partner, which he won’t be able to furnish.

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10. How to be the one we want to be
This seems to be very tough to people. But an English proverb says that, show yourself to be the one which you really want to be. Then one day you will be one you always wanted to be.

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