Your Eyeliner Can Cause Vision Problems!


Today you can find every single girl with eyeliner in her eyes. Gone are the days when applying eyeliner on eyes was supposed to be a party affair. And why not? Eyeliner enhances your beauty by million folds. But how will you react when we’ll tell you that if you apply eyeliner in a wrongful way, you can lose your vision? Let me tell you, applying eyeliner have a specific method too. And if not done in a correct manner, it cannot only affect your appearance but will also affect your vision.

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According to a research, if the eyeliner is applied in the lash line then it can cause redness in your eyes and icky eyes. So, come let’s know how can an eyeliner ruin our vision for lifetime. If you use eyeliner daily, then it can be fatal for your eye’s health. It is observed that when we apply eyeliner, some of the liquid can enter our eyes. A video recording has proved that some amount of eyeliner enters our eyes when we apply it daily. If you look closely in your eyes, you can see a transparent layer on your eyes. This layer acts as a protective layer for your eyes.

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A study has revealed that when you tighline your eyes, then the eyeliner reaches this protective layer of our eyes. In a survey, the participants applied eyeliner firstly on their outer lash line and then on the inner lash line subsequently. After 5 minutes, it was observed that the eyeliner particles have reached the tear glands of our eyes.

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This is the reason why we should try our best to apply the eyeliner on the outermost part of our lash line so that our eyes are not harmed. You can apply the eyeliner on the outermost part of your lash line. You can use different coloured eyeliner as well. but make sure that you remove the makeup as soon as you get home.

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