10 Uncommon Ways You Can Use Nail Paint Other Than its Beauty Purposes

Nail Polish to Remove Nail Paint
Nail Polish

If you think nail polish can only enhance the beauty of your nails, ladies! you have no idea how much useful it is for other purposes as well.

So, here we are going to tell you about these coolest and useful ways nail paints can be used in.

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1. Labelling containers
Usually, containers in kitchen area look similar to an amateur cook. So, if you always get confused with powdered coriander seeds with cumin seeds and other spices, it would surely help you a lot. Label them with their respective names and waterproof those labels with the help of clear polish to protect them from dampness.

2. Colouring your keys
Are you confused with all the keys at your home look similar? Then, clear the confusion with a simple trick at home, colour all your keys with a different-hued nail polish. And there will be no more confusion.

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3. Jiffy needle trick
Stop struggle to get the thread through the eye of the needle, lightly dip your thread from the end into a nail varnish. This will make a harder point and easy to thread through the eye of the needle.

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4. Polish your jewellery
Have you ever notice, that how often your skin turns green after wearing some funky jewellery. And sometimes it starts itching for those who have sensitive skin. You can prevent such a problem by painting a transparent coat of polish, on one side that comes into contact with your skin. Try it!

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5. Paint your shoe soles

Are you bored of tedious colourless shoe soles? Now is the time for a little change, give a new look to your old soles by painting them in vibrant hues of turquoise blue and neon orange, or you can go for any colour of your choice. And enjoy your new soles.

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6. Prevents from tarnish
Prevent your belt buckles from tarnish by applying a clear coat of nail polish. And it would last longer.

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7. Prevent shoelaces from unravelling
If you are suffering from unstable shoe laces or ropes, usually they have an uncanny knack of unravelling, then repair them within no time. Use a nail polish to coat them properly, and you can also skip to your favourite one for fun and funky twist.

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8. Seal your envelope
The whole world has gone paperless, but still, some enjoy sending letters and cards. So, whenever you need to seal an envelope, you can stick with clear nail polish and dab properly on the corners of the envelope. This simple trick is very useful if you don’t have a glue stick at home.

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9. Say bye-bye to loose screws
Do you have loose screws which often come off? Well, apply a coat of clear nail polish after tightening the screws of your toolbox or drawers for better durability.

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10. Get rid of splinters

Splinter is a common problem of every household and annoying piece of wood jutting out from furniture, door and wardrobe. That not only spoils your clothes but gets deeply embedded under fingernail or toenail. Here is an easy trick to get rid of, apply a clear coat of nail polish on the splinters and do not get stuck in them.

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If you want to add some more tips, do share them with us. We would love to hear from you.