FYI: 5 Nail Paints Men Love on Women!


A woman can go to any length to make their nails look presentable. And do you know why they do that? Yeah, they do love to paint their nails, but what else? Deep down inside, they know that men love it too. Nail paint and kajal is the thing which men love on women. Though they would never say it out loud, but men secretly adore beautifully done manicure on a woman. And guess what? They particularly have a penchant for some colours as well. For example.

Nail Paints Men Love on Women 1

1. Red
Whether we’re talking about lingerie or a nail paint, men love red on women. Red is the colour of love after all. They find this colour highly sultry and enjoy this colour on women’s nail. And it’s an eye-catching colour which makes your nail noticed by all. So be it all red this time on your dinner date.

Nail Paints Men Love on Women 2Image Source: thoushaltnotcovet

2. Emerald
Emerald is a great colour when we’re talking about nail paints. Though this has not yet become common among the nail paint lovers. One of the reason being it’s lesser availability in the market. But believe me, emerald nails give all the necessary pop to your dress. It is not only classy, but it looks eye catching on properly shaped nails.

Nail Paints Men Love on Women 3Image Source: thoushaltnotcovet

3. Lavender
This is yet another colour which men love. Though it is subtle, but sometimes the softness can steal the show better than any striking colour can. Lavender is more feminine and charming. And after all, it is summer, a subtle colour with well-manicured nails will make your man drool over you.

Nail Paints Men Love on Women 4Image Source: loveitsomuch

4. Magenta
Magenta is a feminine colour. Though men are not able to distinguish between magenta and pink, but still they like this colour on your nails. This colour is bold while being tender and ladylike. So show off your coffin nails with some matte magenta on.

Nail Paints Men Love on Women 5Image Source: wp

5. Coral
When in confusion, pick up the coral. This rule goes well with the lipstick as well nail paints. Summer is the season of corals. It is a beautiful eye pleasing shade which makes your hand look seductive. The best part is that it compliments very well with your skin tone and make your nails look naturally pinkish. And yeah, men love natural!

Nail Paints Men Love on Women 6Image Source: wordpress

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