10 Fashionably Cool Ways To Style A Scarf Like a Pro


Winters are here and scarves are back gracefully in your wardrobe. If you thought that scarves are meant only for winters, then you are probably wrong. In summers also women wear scarves but in a different way. But the thing that differs is the fabric, colors, and prints. Instead of woolen, chiffon and cotton scarf are preferred in winters.

In winters, you wear them to keep yourself warm as well as to add a stylish touch to your winter ensemble.

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But if you are not sure how to incorporate these into your ensemble, then here are some easy and interesting ways to style your scarf this summer.

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1. You can use a knit scarf to create the knotted style. You can tie the scarf around your neck in a twisted pattern which mimics a braid.

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2. You can make your own DIY infinity scarf by using a normal scarf. Just tie both the ends of the scarf together and there you have your very own DIY infinity scarf. Now wear the scarf around your neck, hold the hanging end of the scarf twist it once and put it around your neck.

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3. You can just hang the scarf around your neck and tuck the free ends under your belt to give it a very stylish look.

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4. If you want to style it in a cozy way, then you can try this way. Hold the scarf in such a way that each breadth of the scarf is in each of your hands. Now bring the two sides together, so that on one side you have both the open ends on the other side you have a loop. Now holding it this way place it around your neck and pass the free ends through the loop and you are done.

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5. Another simple but stylish way to wear a scarf is by twisting both the ends in opposite direction and then tying them in a knot.

6. You don’t always have to wear a scarf as a scarf, you can wear it as a belt also. Just pass the scarf through the belt loops of your denim or your dress, making a bow at the end to secure it.

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7. You can also glam up your hairstyle by tying up a perky, colorful scarf around your head as it works as a great head accessory.

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8. For a more bohemian look, start by wrapping it around your neck twice, then tuck the right edge on the left side and the left edge on the right side to make a triangular shape.

9. You can also double up your scarf as a boho headgear. Fold the scarf diagonally to make a triangle. Now start folding the triangle to make a headband and wrap it around your head, tying the knot in the front.

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10. One of the simplest and the most elegant ways of tying a scarf is by wrapping it around your neck and tying it in a bow tie.

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