7 Horrible Mistakes Women Often Make While Wearing a Saree!


A simple saree can make or break the look of your day. When this traditional attire worn in a right manner it can make you steal all the limelight of the show. But when done horribly, people can’t stop noticing you for all the wrong reasons. This 6-yard fabric requires a lot of care and tactics while draping. A wrong choice of the blouse, petticoat, shoes, makeup can bring your entire look to dust. So, if you don’t want yourself to become a laughing stock at the party, DON’T, I repeat, don’t make these mistakes when you’re wearing a saree.

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1. Too Much of Jewellery
Only Bappi Lahiri can look socially acceptable with this many bling-loaded on his body. Don’t kill the élan of this traditional attire by becoming a walking jewellery showroom. You have pretty much jewellery, very good. But keep them at your home. Wear the jewellery that goes well with your outfit. Avoid over-accessorizing.

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2. Wrong Draping Style
Draping the saree up to your chest or too low below your navel, both can be a fashion disaster. Draping the saree too low can make you look like trying too hard. A lowly tied saree destroys the feminine look of a saree. While tying the saree too high can make you look shorter. Drape the saree just below the navel. Neither too high nor too low.

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3. Wrong Choice of Bag
Carrying a hobo bag with a saree? You’ll end up looking like a school teacher. You don’t need to carry a humungous bag with the saree. Carry a potli bag or embellished clutch with the saree. Stick to minimalism while carrying a bag with saree and act like a lady.

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4. Wrong Shoes
Wearing flats with saree should be declared a punishable offence. Avoid wearing slippers, wedges, Mary janes with saree. It will spoil your look and make you appear shorter. Pick a pair of matching stilettos that complement the look of your gorgeous Indian attire.

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5. Wrong Petticoats
A petticoat that peeks out from the layers of your saree should be shunned out immediately. When you drape your saree stand in the light in front of a mirror to check if your petticoat is not showing up. Avoid wearing flared petticoats. It can sabotage the shape of your saree and the crease of the petticoat can also show up. Wear normal petticoats to get the right shape of your saree.

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6. Peeping Bra Straps
There is a reason why all the blouses come with the bra strap holders. Make full use of them. No matter how glam your bra strap is, they don’t deserve to be flaunted. If there’s no bra strap holder, secure the straps with a safety pin. You can skip the bra if your blouse is backless and padded.

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7. Wrong Blouse
Blouses can either make or break your game. Even if your saree is something out of the world, a wrong choice of blouse and shabby fitting can ruin your game. Make sure that your blouse is exactly fitting on your body. Too loose or too tight blouse cannot go well with saree. The over-exposing blouse can add a negative point to your look.

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