Winter Fashion Hacks: 16 Kinds of Boots for You to Rock the Winters


Boots have a different swag and when women carry it with the same, they look elegant. Don’t you agree? You do, right? When you have the right pair of shoes, you can conquer the world. A woman with good shoes never looks ugly. I’ve been desperately waiting for the winters so that I can start wearing all the chic winter boots available in the stores.

And when it comes to shoes, boots are the king. And I’m sure, most of you love boots. But then, do you think you know everything about boots? Can you name the different styles of boots available?

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Still, no? Don’t worry! That’s what this blog post is for. We’ve brought to you this amazing guide for buying a pair of boots. We’re also offering you the advice on the outfits you can pair with the boots.

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Go ahead and pick your style…

1. Uggs
Pair them your favourite pair of jeans or jeggings. They are usually without heals and can be worn on a casual outing. Wear an oversized sweater to rock your girl-next-door look.

kinds-of-boots2Image Source: demandware

2. Knee-High Boots
These are the versatile pair of boots which goes on every pair of outfit varying from skirts to jeans.

kinds-of-boots3Image Source: glamour

3. Booties
They are particularly meant to be worn with dresses and skirts. Apart from them, they look equally flattering with a pair of ripped jeans.

kinds-of-boots4Image Source: blogspot

4. Chelsea Boots
They are yet another versatile pair of boots for those girls who don’t like to wear knee-high boots. You can go all-creative while pairing these boots with your outfit.

kinds-of-boots5Image Source: office

5. Thigh-High Boots
One needs a lot of panache and confidence to carry these boots. They can be worn with short dresses or skirts. They look fashionable while keeping your feet warm.

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Image Source: teenvogue

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6. Combat Boots
They go best with the skinny feat jeans along with the leather biker jackets.

kinds-of-boots7Image Source: clubjuvenile

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7. Peep Toe Boots
They are also one among the all-purpose boots. You can pair them up with jeans, leggings, dresses and skirts.

kinds-of-boots8Image Source: blogspot

8. Wedge Boots
Can’t wear high heels for long but love the tic-toc sound? You can wear wedge boots if you want to wear heels and don’t want your ankles to go sore. Pair them with your sassy jeans and a winter jacket.

kinds-of-boots9Image Source: media

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9. Stacked Heel Boots
Wear them with a bodycon dress or a pair of skinny fit denim.

Jennifer Garner and daughter Violet Affleck seen leaving American Girl Place at The Grove and head to La Piazza for some take out. Featuring: Jennifer Garner Where: Los Angeles, CA, United States When: 04 Jun 2013 Credit: Michael Wright/WENN.comImage Source: yournextshoes

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10. Rain Boots
You can go playful by wearing these pair of boots with shirt dresses or jeans. Wear all sorts of colour to prepare your own colour blocking outfit.

kinds-of-boots11Image Source: lifepopper

11. Riding Boots
Rock your cow girl look with a pair of riding boots. Wear them with your high-waist jeans and jeggings to get the best of these chic yet sassy boots.

kinds-of-boots12Image Source: itsautumnmaee

12. Oxford Boots
You can wear them with both jeans and skirts.

kinds-of-boots13Image Source: blogspot

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13. Lace-Up Boots
They are so stylish that they go well with each pair of outfit one can imagine, obviously except ethnic!

kinds-of-boots14Image Source: yournextshoes

14. Wedge Sneaker Boots
Pair them up with a jersey dress or a skinny fit jean.

kinds-of-boots15Image Source: wheretoget

15. Motorcycle Boots
Don’t try to wear them with your dresses and skirts. They are strictly intended to be paired up with jeans.

kinds-of-boots16Image Source: womenridersnow

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16. Cowboy Boots
Jeans, jeggings, short dress or skirts! You can wear them with any kind of dress. All you need is some confidence to flaunt them out.

kinds-of-boots17Image Source: howtocute

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