6 Wardrobe Essentials That Every College Girl Must Own


Being in college is the most amazing feeling for a youth as they get a chance to explore the world and experience new things. Besides this, there is one more thing which excites people about college that is to try out some new and trendy outfits. So, if you are new to the college thing and still figuring out what to wear or not then, don’t fret as we have got you covered. Today, in this article, we are going to share some wardrobe essentials that every college girl should own to rock the college look.

1. Denim jacket

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This is a must-have for every college girl out there. Denim is something which you can easily pair with your black pants, or you can even pair it with other denim and a pair of sneakers. And to make the look even more fab, don’t forget to apply a red lipstick.

2. Flower power

Flower powerImage Source: blogspot

This is the one fashion trend that never goes out of style. You can wear these types of pretty floral tops with denim for your classes. They are comfy, pretty and a perfect option to ace that chic look. And to brighten up your look, apply a glossy lipstick.

3. Denim pants

Denim pantsImage Source: blogspot
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Denim pants are the wardrobe staple that every college chic should own. They go well with everything from kurta to a casual tee. And to ace that perfect college day look, wear the fitted pants with flip-flops or sneakers.

4. Zig Zag

Zig ZagImage Source: le-happy

For the days you want to look simple yet stylish is when you opt for the zig zag outfit. Pair them with cool denim pants and flip-flops.

5. Checks at its best

 Checks at its bestImage Source: newscult

Another trend that never goes out of style. Old school, still it got its own charm. Get yourself a nice check shirt that you can wear with a white tee or with denim pants. And to complete the look, don’t forget to wear a nice pair of sneakers.

6. Formals

 FormalsImage Source: quoracdn

Remember the days when you have presentations and viva? Well, that is the time when these formal shirts come in handy. Wear them with simple pants and tie up your hair in a neat ponytail. And to complete your look, you can opt for a minimal makeup look.

So, these are the few wardrobe essentials that every college girl needs.

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