Style Hack: 7 Outfits to Wear with Palazzos



Palazzo pants are loose, wide leg and flowing pants which were very popular back in the 60s and 70s. And like the most trends, palazzos have also made a comeback recently with some variations. If you are a person who always keeps up with the trend then you should miss this. Palazzos are the best wear that you can easily pair with various outfits. So, in this article, we have shared some outfits to wear with palazzos that can help you to move in style.

1. Knotted shirt

Knotted shirtImage Source:  i.pinimg.

Knotted shirts are the best choice if you want to rock with a casual look. And this shirt looks cooler when it is paired with a perfect palazzo pant. For instance, if you are wearing a printed knotted shirt then pair it with a plain palazzo and if you are wearing a plain knotted shirt then you should pair it with printed palazzo. Both can be printed, depending on the design and color combinations.

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2. Tank tops

Tank topsImage Source:  stitchmyfit

Well, this style is the most common one. But you haven’t tried it till now, then it’s the time to experiment. You can wear this outfit to a party and casual as it is very flexible to change the look depending on the occasion.

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3. Chambray shirt

Chambray shirtImage Source:  fashioncontainer

Chambray shirts look fab when they are paired with right kind of palazzos. It is recommended that you should opt for a light colored palazzo and pair it with a plain chambray shirt. It can be your outfit for the day if you pair the palazzo wisely.

4. Crop tops

Crop topsImage Source:  netdna-ssl

You can even flaunt the chic look by pairing your crop top with a suitable palazzo. This combination is a perfect blend of style and hotness. And if you want to avoid skin show then you can opt for a high waist palazzo.

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5. Kurta

KurtaImage Source:  indiabazaaronline

Kurta looks amazing when they are paired with palazzos. This outfit pairing is a perfect blend of traditional and casual look. And if you are the one who wanted to rock with the ethnic look but with a modern touch then it is the best option for you.

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6. Lace Tops

Lace TopsImage Source:  bp.blogspot

Lace tops not only look pretty but are also very sexy. Especially, the skin fits crop lace tops when they are paired with palazzo pants they look amazing. This outfit wear is best for the occasions like party and pub visits.

7. Bralette

BraletteImage Source:  pbs.twimg

This option is best for the ladies who are very confident about their look. Nothing can beat this look of bralette and palazzos when it comes to hotness.

So, these were few outfits to wear with palazzos and move in style.


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