10 Fool-Proof Ways to Make ANYONE Fall in Love with You!


Falling in love is beautiful, but to get loved back is divine. To make someone you like, fall in love with you is an art. And not everybody is a master at this art. If you feel that you don’t know how to make your Dream Man/Woman fall in love with you, then you’ve landed in the right place.

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So, if you want to make that hot chic or cool guy to fall head-over-heels in love with you, then you’ll be needing some serious weapons. A good dress and style aren’t going to help to that extent. You have to do something extra. Let’s see what all you can do to make a person drool over you.

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1. Remember: First Impression, Last Impression
The scientists believe, the moment we see a person we decide whether this person can be our life partner or he’s just a nobody. So, don’t let your first impression get ruined at any cost. Dress your best every time you step out of your house. For men, wear a nice smelling cologne and for women, you should wear a lipstick all the time.

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2. Start Playing with Your Eyes
Eyes do the more talking than your lips do. Some people like butt while others like boobs. But each and every single being likes ‘Eyes’. Eyes stimulate a deeper emotional bonding as compared to our words. When we look directly into the eyes of the person we like, their body secrets a chemical named phenylethylamine. This is the chemical responsible for feeling in love. Exaggerate your eye contact when you’re talking to your loved one.

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3. Make the First Move
Don’t wait for the other person to make the move first. Initiate an encounter. Don’t go overboard by asking him/her for a date straight away. Ask for his/her help. There’s nothing to feel shy about making the first move. Smile at him while keeping a fixed gaze at him. Don’t stare at him, this might intimidate your love interest.

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4. Talk with Your Body
Body language is a crucial factor that determines whether the other person will fall in love with you or not. Smile and nod to your love interest to acknowledge that person. Initiate a conversation with him. Subtly touch your love interest while talking. As and when the newfound attachment is established between the due, they start doing everything in tandem. They might reach out for drinks at the same time, like the same kind of music. When you find, the person staring at you, smile back at him in acknowledgment.

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5. Start Using the Word ‘We’
Create the sensation of intimacy with your love interest. While having a conversation with him, talk using ‘we’ instead of ‘I and me’. The usage of the word ‘we’ will suggest him that you’re already close to him and he can move a level up for the further pursuit.

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6. Confess a Secret
Confess a little secret about yourself so that your love interest can open up a little more with you and feel closer to you. Confess a thing you did wrong or an interview that horribly went wrong so that he can relate to you. A small revelation from the side will spark an intimacy. Make sure that you don’t let out too much of information that can be lethal for your personal image. Reveal the minor details like you bite your nails or your boss doesn’t like you.

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7. Don’t Play TOO Hard to Get
You must have read this a couple of times that playing hard to get will make you more desirable for your partner. But remember, playing too hard can also make your love interest lose interest in you. Don’t play hard at first. Don’t waste time hesitating or trying to sound busy. This way your love interest will feel conscious and will not ask you again. But, let him/her think that there is competition to have you. Make him feel that he or she beats all the others suitors to have you. Subtly show that you’re hard to get for other potential suitors. But don’t be over-showy!

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8. Don’t Go for the Dinner Dates
Going on the first date? Don’t plan a dinner. If you really want to fall him or her for you, dinner is not the best choice. You’ll appear more attractive to your potential date if you put him or her in a vulnerable situation. Watch a scary movie with him/her. You can have a dinner afterward, but a dinner alone will not do the trick.

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9. Try to Strike Similarity
Have you ever met anyone and it immediately clicked? It is always said that opposites attract, but sometimes in real life, it doesn’t work in a similar manner. People with similar interests, choice and point of views are more attracted to each other. We feel closer to a person who’s having similar preferences as us. You don’t have to make yourself similar to your potential date. Point out the already-existing similarities you both have.

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10. Try Boosting His/Her Ego
Everyone wants to feel special by the one whom he likes or love. If you make your love interest feel special, he or she will eventually fall for you. You should help your potential lover to improve his self-image. If he wants to become the greatest artist, then compliment his work. He will like it and would love to spend time with you.

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