8 Beauty Hacks for the New Year Party


Wondering what new can be done this new year party? December is all set to breathe its last in just a couple of days. Soon, each and every restaurant and lounge would be distributing invitations to the New Year’s Eve. Each girl wants to look ravishing on this special eve. If you’re single, who knows you might meet the special someone of your life. So, prepare yourself for the day. Here are some quick tips to look phenomenal as the 2016 bids farewell.

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1. Rock the Ponytail
Ponytails define fashion nowadays. Straighten your hair using a flat iron and make a high ponytail. Use chic head gears to amp up your look. You can also tease your hair from the crown region to add some volume.

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2. Use Hair Extensions
In case you don’t have thick hair, you can use the hair extensions. If you don’t want to colour your hair in real time, then you can use the coloured streaks to glam up your new year avatar. Tie a high ponytail with coloured streaks peeking a bit from the strands of your hair.

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3. Use a Heat Protector Before Using Heat Styling Tools
Winter is the time when you have to extra cautious for your hair. Slather on some heat protectant before experimenting on your hair.

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4. Use a Hair Mask
As the party season strikes, every girl wants her mane game to be on point. How will your hair look good if they are undernourished? Opt for a protein hair mask to add the life back to your hair. This New Year’s Eve, let your hair do all the dancing. You can prepare a hair mask at home as well.

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5. Use Liquid Foundation
Ditch the cushion and matte foundation for a while. You can also add a drop of your moisturizer to the foundation for added moisturization. Dry foundation can get patchy and flaky at places. There’s no glow as a thoroughly moisturized face. Use a water based moisturizer.

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6. Go with the Gel Eyeliners
Gel eyeliners are easy in application and are water-proof. Use a gel eyeliner to line your lids and smudge them a little using an eyeshadow to create a Smokey effect. Don’t skip the mascara. Curl your eyelashes and don’t forget to put some mascara on. Groom your brows beforehand. Pluck any hair sticking out of the line.

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7. Rely on Tinted Lip Balms
Due to the harsh winters, our lips tend to crack. Opt for the tinted lip balms instead of a matte finish lipsticks. Matte lipsticks will give you cracks on your lips which is an extremely disappointing site to see. Tinted lip balms will accentuate the natural pinkish hue of your lips.

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8. Zap the Zit
If you’re having a pimple or two on your face just few days before the party, then dab some soframycin on your skin. It will soothe your pimples. You can apply makeup on the top. The makeup will not irritate your skin anymore.

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