10 Life-Changing Beauty Hacks Using Hair Clips


Hair clips, the tiny magical things, which seem to be having the ability to teleport. No matter how many you buy, you always end up with a few of them. Well, that’s a completely different matter.

You can find hair clips in every woman’s vanity. But how do we wear them? In the same old way. Isn’t it? Here at khoobsurati, we’ve compiled some life-changing hacks which will change the way you’ve been using your hair clips. Don’t believe me? Read on and get to know yourself…

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1. Flip the Clip for Better Grip
Ditch your regular way to wear the clip. Put the groovy side of the hair clip towards your hair and hold the plain side to push the clip inside.

beauty-hacks-using-hair-clips1Image Source: prettygossip

2. Spray Some Hair Spray on the Hair Clips for Grip
Spritz the hair spray on the hair clips for better grip on the hair. These hair clips will hold your hair in the better way.

beauty-hacks-using-hair-clips2Image Source: loxabeauty

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3. Secure the Ends of Your Plaits with a Hair Clip
Tie the ends of your plait into a knot and slip in a hair clip to secure the knot. This way you can secure the plait without any hair tie at the display.

beauty-hacks-using-hair-clips3Image Source: blogspot

4. Cover the Hair Band with a Hair Clip
Wrap a strand of hair over your hair band and then secure the end with a bobby pin.

beauty-hacks-using-hair-clips4Image Source: cloudfront

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5. Make a Hashtag Design with Bobby Pins
Take a strand of hair from the front and secure it behind your ear. Arrange the bobby pins into a hashtag sign.

beauty-hacks-using-hair-clips5Image Source: squarespace

6. Secure Your Half-Up Hairstyle with Triangle Design
Bring a twist in your simple half-up hairstyle by pinning your hair back with bobby pins. But this time, arrange the hair clips in the shape of a triangle. It will look like a trendy beret and hold the hair in place. You can choose printed coloured hair grips for an edgier look.

beauty-hacks-using-hair-clips6Image Source: dailybeautyhack

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7. Hold Your Fringe with Chevron-Styled Bobby Pins
Getting pissed by that fringe of hair falling on your face all the time? Pin it back in a chic way. Hold the fringe using the bobby pins. All you have to do it arrange the bobby pins in the chevron style. Repeat as many times you like. Use coloured and patterned hair grips for more style.

beauty-hacks-using-hair-clips7Image Source: minq

8. Fix Your Braid with Coloured Bobby Pins Instead of Redoing It.
Sometimes, unwanted wisps coming out of the braid can make you redo the entire braid again. But next time, keep this tip in your mind. Tuck the wisps inside using a bobby pin.

beauty-hacks-using-hair-clips8Image Source: cdnds

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9. Add Some Oomph to Your Ponytail Using Bobby Pins
Tired of the flat and dull ponytail? Give your ponytail some oomph by lifting it up using bobby pins. Insert two or three bobby pins on the lower half of your hair band. Now flip your ponytail over it to give it a fuller and plumper look.

beauty-hacks-using-hair-clips9Image Source: h-cdn

10. Give Your Hair Some Volume Using Bobby Pins
Tease your hair and secure them using a bobby pin. Backcomb a small section of hair from your crown and pin it back using a bobby pin. Secure the hair into a side ponytail.

beauty-hacks-using-hair-clips10Image Source: pinimg

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