10 Lipstick Rules To Get A Tempting Pout


The lip is one of the most sensitive areas of a woman’s body and therefore having a great lip pronounced by a lucrative color is essential. Follow the steps below to derive that poetic lips.

1. Prepare the lips: Apply lip balm and keep it on for 10-15 minutes and then rub it off using a tissue paper. Now apply a scrub of sugar and olive oil to scrub off the lip. This method will get rid of dry and dead cells of your lips and also soften your lip.

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2. Matching lipstick: You may buy the most expensive lipstick but what good would it do if the texture and the color don’t match your face? So, knowing the exact kind of lipstick that would suit you would bring the fun. Some require a glossy one (especially the ones with thin lips) while other requires a matte finish lipstick (for the thick lips).

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3. Brush and no stick for lipstick: The term is definitely lipstick because it is in the form of a stick but for a better look you have to use a soft brush. Take a brush and apply the lip color because this way it stays really longer and makes the color look more attractive.

4. Lip liner is a must in the list: Instead of buying the matching lip liner according to the lipstick go for a natural color that won’t be noticed. Line your lip with it and also apply on rest of the lip area and then the lipstick has to be dabbed. The lipstick would get a firm base on this liner and therefore would last longer.

5. From middle to the edges: Open your mouth to an “O” position and identify the edges carefully. Start
applying from the middle of your lips and gradually finish the edges.

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6. Blot with tissue and face powder: Apply a coat and blot with a tissue paper. Then cover your lips with another tissue and apply some face powder on it and wait for a minute or two to set it. Now, the final coating of lips stick is to be applied for a better and deeper look. Especially when you are applying red, fuchsia, or maroon color.

7. Highlight the cupid bow: Get a lip highlighter and mark the middle top curve of your lip to get more pronounced and perfect lips that every guy would desire.

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8. Gloss: Use a small amount of gloss in the middle of your lips for the light bouncing and making your lips look desirable.

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9. Study and hunt: You really need to know the skin tone and mixing of colors well. The pale skin requires brighter colors while the duskier ones need warmer colors.

10. Brand: Now you really have to buy an expensive and branded lip color because they do have that X factor that would help you to gain all the above-mentioned tricks.

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