10 Things That Tell You’re Totally in Love with Lipsticks!


Are you a makeup addict? Then you can understand how deep our love for lipstick can be! There was a time when you were so skeptical about using lipstick. But now, you can’t step out of your house without it. This is how you fall in love with this funny little thing called- Lipstick. If you’re also head over heels in love with lipsticks, you can relate to these 10 hilarious things. Scroll down and have a good laugh…

1. Major portions of your salary are spent purchasing lipsticks! And you wonder, how you always end up being broke at the end of every month. But you have some new lipsticks, so who cares? 😉

love-with-lipsticks1Image Source: googleusercontent

2. You are excited to go to parties, hangouts, vacations, etc. because you have so many colours! Of course, you need an event to show your collection off.

love-with-lipsticks2Image Source: cloudpix

3. You have 30 shades of lipsticks and you still want more. And you don’t feel guilty to buy some more.

love-with-lipsticks3Image Source: thesun.co.uk

4. You can’t stand losing even a single of your lipstick, though you have hundreds. A single crack in the lipstick can ruin your entire day.

love-with-lipsticks4Image Source: hdwallpaperbackgrounds

5. You utilize your broken lipsticks with a lip brush and sometimes, your fingers. You just can’t let go of it.

love-with-lipsticks5Image Source: ghk.h-cdn

6. You’re so obsessed with your makeup routine that you religiously wake up 10 minutes earlier. You can never imagine a single day at work without an office.

love-with-lipsticks6Image Source: edgecastcdn

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7. Purchasing a new lipstick can be an instant turn on for you. No matter what you’re going through in life, buying a new lipstick will always make you happy.

love-with-lipsticks7Image Source: elitedaily

8. You cannot leave a cosmetic store without at least trying a new lipstick. and you always step out of the store with your hands coloured.

love-with-lipsticks8Image Source: il8.picdn

9. You are so pro at mixing colours that you can make 10 more shades with your existing lipsticks.

love-with-lipsticks9Image Source: beautyheaven

10. No matter how bad your day is going, you never forget to re-apply your lipstick after the meals.

love-with-lipsticks10Image Source: picdn

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