10 Things to Know About Painting Your Nails


Admit it, you always end up painting your nails wrong. This makes your manicure chipping off in just a couple of days. But we have some simple solution to your nail paint woes.

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Scroll down to learn how to do your nail paint flawlessly…

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1. Three Strokes are Enough to Paint One Nail
Two much of nail paint can take much time to dry and eventually get rubbed off by your clothes. Drop a decent-sized drop of nail paint on your nail and swipe it gently into three strokes.

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2. Always Use a Base Coat
While base coat might seem useless to some, but let me tell you that for a flawless manicure, base coat is the first step.

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3. Reuse Your Old Lip Brush to Apply Nail Paint on the Edges of Your Nail
You can also use your old lip brush to tidy up the edges. Dip it in some nail paint remover and use it to clean your edges.

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4. Don’t Buy the Quick-Dry Nail Paint
These quick-dry nail paints contain dehydrating agents that dry out your nail bed.

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5. Apply Cuticle Oil Religiously
Invest in some cuticle oil. Apply some cuticle oil on your nails. It hydrates them instantly and provides you a salon-like look.

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6. Put Your Hands in Cold Water After Applying Nail Paint
This will instantly dry out your nail paint. This way, your nail paint won’t be nicked by your clothes or anything else.

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7. Apply Thin Layers of Nail Paint
If you want your nail paint to dry out faster, then apply a thin coat of nail paint on your nails. You can recoat it for an opaquer look.

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8. Never Shake Your Nail Paint Bottle
This will only cause the nail paint to coat the applicator. Instead, roll it back and forth to ensure that there won’t be any air bubble in the nail paint.

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9. Never File Your Nail in Back and Forth Direction
Instead, rub the filer in one direction. Rubbing it back and forth will only make your nail jagged.

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10. Use Non-Acetone Nail Paint Remover
Read the ingredients properly. The acetone based nail paint remover cause your nails to dry out and chip.

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