10 Tips to Keep Your Makeup Sweat-Free This Summer


Applying makeup during the hot summer season is a tricky task as there are chances that your skin might sweat a lot and can also slide off all the makeup from your face. So, to avoid this condition, we have listed some tips to keep your makeup sweat-free during hot weather. So, try out these tips and get a flawless makeup look this summer.

1. Proper base

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To get a sweat-proof makeup, it is important that you have a proper base for makeup. Besides this, it also helps your makeup stay longer. And always try to use oil-free foundation and moisturizer.

2. Apply primer

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There are many people who skip this step, but it can help you get a long-lasting makeup look. So, apply a nice coat of oil-free primer to your skin before applying foundation and concealer.

3. Choose the right concealer

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By using the right concealer, you can effectively hide your wrinkles and blemishes. It is suggested that you should use cream-based concealer instead of liquid ones as they will melt off from your face during hot weather. Just dab some concealer with your fingers on dark circles and use a brush if you have red spots to cover.

4. Keep your makeup light

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It is said the less foundation you apply, the less it is going to slide off from your face. So, to get a perfect light makeup look, use a dampened makeup sponge. Just add a few drops of foundation to the sponge and blend it well on your face. After that, leave it on for a minute and once its set, then apply rest of the makeup.

5. Use creamy shadows

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Powder foundations tend to become cakey during the hot weather. So, it is suggested that you should opt for creamy shadows that have silicone which helps the color to stay in place.

6. Use a bronzer

Use a bronzerImage Source: ajdas

The main reason for applying a bronzer is to make your eyes look brighter and teeth whiter. Plus, it also adds warmth to your skin. So, try to apply bronzer to the areas where the sun hits your skin directly like chin, forehead, cheekbones, and nose. Use powder bronzers as it can be easily applied.

7. Opt for neutral shades

Opt for neutral shadesImage Source: com

If you usually use bold and rich colors for makeup then, it is suggested that you should avoid them during summer as it can make your face look heavy. Try to lighten your look by using sheer eye and lip colors. And try to opt for nude lip shade as they look good during this weather.

8. Avoid powder blush

Avoid powder blushImage Source: wp

The main purpose of including blush to any makeup routine is to add balance to their look. It is suggested that using powder blush can look cakey on your face during summer. So, it is suggested that you should use gel-based blush if you want your makeup to stay for a longer period of time.

9. Use blotting paper

Use blotting paperImage Source: avoskinbeauty
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If you have a combination and oily skin then it is suggested that you should use blotting paper as it can help you remove excess shine from your skin. Just gently press it over your skin to get rid of excess oil followed by a sweep of pressed powder.

10. Avoid matte

Avoid matteImage Source: blogspot

Avoid using matte lipsticks and use lip stain during summer. This is a simple tip to get photo-ready lips. Besides this, always carry blotting papers to get rid of oil and sweat from your skin and get a fresh looking skin.

So, these were the few tips to keep your makeup sweat free.

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