10 Ways to Celebrate An Eco-Friendly Diwali This Year


Celebrating an eco-friendly Diwali is not all about avoiding burning firecrackers. There are lot many ways in which we generate waste in the name of Diwali. A festival simply implies having fun without harming the ecosystem. How detestable sight it is when we step out of the house the next day after Diwali. Papers, ashes, burnt candles, etc. everything on the streets. Diwali is all about driving the evil forces out of our house. And this ecosystem is no less than an abode to us.

So here are 10 genius ways to make your Diwali green this year.
1. Decorate Your House Using Diyas Instead of Chinese Lights
An added electricity bill never delights anyone. Reducing your electricity consumption is not only beneficial for your budget’s health but also for the ecosystem. This Diwali, use traditional earthen lamps to decorate your house. If possible, choose the LED rice lights in place of the conventional ones.

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2. Indulge in Other Fun Activities Than Burning Crackers
Think about out mute companions of the streets and those who suffer from respiratory issues. Firecrackers are nothing but a commotion caused by too much of light and sound. Even the fumes are suffocating for many. You can have a bonfire in place of burning cracker. Sing and dance around the fire and enjoy the family time.

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3. Use Natural Colours for Making Rangoli
Do you know why Rangolis were made in the earlier times? They were made to feed the birds. You can use the rice powder for white colour, turmeric for yellow colour and coloured rice for red colour and so on. You can also use marigold, roses and other flowers for decorating your Rangoli.

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4. Use Leftover Material to Make Crafts
You can use the old saris and dupattas to make colourful curtains. Paint the old newspaper and twist them into certain shapes to create wall hangings. Hang a bell at your doorway in place of doorbell for some days.

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5. Make Homemade Sweets
It is nothing new when many sweetshops are busted for using substandard ingredients to prepare sweets. You can fall seriously ill by consuming them. instead, prepare homemade sweet like khoya barfi and besan laddoos which are easy to make at home.

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6. Organize Events for Family
Play indoor games and organize activities that would involve all the members of your family. You can organize the gathering for the family where all the members can spend time together by painting Diyas, cups, etc. You can also organize Rangoli competition to engage your family members.

BHOPAL, INDIA - OCTOBER 22: Girls light earthen lamps on the eve of Hindu festival Diwali on October 22, 2014 in Bhopal, India. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has appealed to all Indians that they should buy earthen diyas and lamps from the street sellers instead of imported Chinese lights. Lightning traditional earthen lamps is not only environment friendly but will help in sustaining livelihood of the millions of potters across India who are facing tough time due to increasing use of Fridges and electric lamps. (Photo by Praveen Bajpai/Hindustan Times via Getty Images)Image Source: huffpost



7. Make Personalized Gifts for Special Ones
Bake some cookies, cake, etc. for your special ones. You can also make fancy decorative items at home for gifting purpose. Wrap your gifts in the newspaper instead of wasting paper for wrapping.

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8. Make Cards for Your Family Members
Make personalized cards for your family members with a special message for each one of them. You can paste family pictures as well to make the card worth cherishing for a lifetime.

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9. Do Something for Society
Spend time with underprivileged children and gift them new clothes and other articles. You can play the game with them. For you, it might not cost anything, but for them, it would be the time of their life.

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10. Help Your Family and Friends
There is no other feeling than the satisfaction of helping your families and friends. If you’re good at mehndi, gather the women folk of your colony and paint their hands. They will be more than happy with it.

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This Diwali, Spread Smiles Not Smoke…
Wish you a very happy and prosperous festival of lights!

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