17 Vital Tips For Preventing Premature Hair Fall


Just a few decades back, the average age of hair fall was thought to be 40 when most of the men and women would walk into their fifties with a full crop of hair. But Swedish Trichologist Dr. Fred Zuli shocked the world recently by revealing that men are inching fast towards baldness in their 20s. The reasons he provided are stress, vices, pollution and poor nutrition. He said losing 50 to 100 strands is normal for a human being but now a day’s youth are getting bald in days which is quite alarming. However, he said premature hair fall can be stopped provided one knows the ways of getting healthy hair.

Fred Zuli mentioned the following tips for preventing premature hair fall. Scroll down the page to know these tips.

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1) Dr. Fred advises people who are witnessing serious hair fall to refrain from using anti-dandruff shampoos too frequently.

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“Anti-dandruff shampoos damage hair roots and shafts and makes your hair gray early. For the people living in high humidity areas, using anti-dandruff shampoo once a week is normal and for those living in colder areas, antidandruff shampoo once in a month is sufficient,” he said

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2) Frequent hair colouring also leads to hair fall. Fred says that it is necessary to keep a gap of at least two months between two hair colourings to give it a chemical free time.

3) Fred says that only one treatment should be applied on hair at one time. Suppose if you want to hair your colour, then delay the straightening process for about 15 days.

4) Fred advises consuming Vitamin H for healthy hair. It is found abundantly in egg whites, bananas, sprouts and green vegetables. He also advises increasing the intake of spinach and green vegetables, which are rich in pantothenic acid.

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5) Fred says that gels and creams frequently are harmful to hair and hence should not be used more than once in a month.

6) Combing wet hair leads to hair fall as tresses of the hair swell due to water which upon plucking or combing shed away easily.

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7) Avoid using too many home remedies for preventing hair fall at one time. Try to use only one in a month. Fred warns against mixing henna with Vinegar.

8) Avoid oiling your hair frequently. Oil your hair once in two to three months. Dr. Fred says that people who are suffering from excessive hair fall should never oil their hair.

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9) Hair styling gels and straighteners damage hair, so minimize their use. If because of some reason you are not able to give up their use then you should include more and more protein in your diet. Avoid dandruff free shampoos, uses a simple one for your hair.

10) If a sunscreen is not available to you, use a leave-on conditioner on dry hair 2-3 times in a week.

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11) Don’t use the comb of others who knows they may be suffering from a scalp condition. Use only wide toothed combs, and if you are witnessing heavy hair fall, then avoid using any comb.

12) Never use oil if you are suffering from dandruff and scalp psoriasis-like conditions because it is the food of dandruff causing Malassezia yeast.

13) Don’t tie your long hair in a bun because it can lead to a condition called traction alopecia which ultimately leads to hair fall. Allow your hair to breathe.

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14) You should avoid using one kind of shampoo because it increases resistance and chemical change your shampoo after every week. Similarly, we should not use only one kind of hair colour, brand, and change it every time.

15) After pregnancy, hair fall is a normal thing, so it should not worry you. These hair strands will grow back.

16) Use home hair straightener once in two months.

17) If you want to iron press your hair, start from the bottom and move your hand fast.

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