2-Minute Beauty Hacks For Those Busy Girls Running Late


Get that goddess-like beauty in just a few minutes, especially for the days when you are running late, or are simply feeling lazy! These 2-minute beauty hacks will get you addicted in no time, and you will be wanting to try them even when you have spare time on your hands, at any day.

From flawless skin to luscious bold lips, you can get everything done perfectly in just 2 minutes time, and get that salon-like look at home.

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1. Frizz-Free Hair

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To get those glossy and bouncy hair to last all day, you only need to take a cotton tee dipped in lukewarm water and wrap it around your moist mane for 2 minutes. Remove it and voila! You are all set to flaunt those frizz-free hairs all day long.

2. Say Yes to No-Heat Waves

Image Source: cutegirlshairstyles

Warning! Stay Away From Those Curlers! We repeat again ladies, you need to leave those curling irons alone. They do more damage to your hair than mere styling. If you want to curl your hair, we have a 2-minute trick for you.

Simply divide your hair into 2 parts and twist each side tightly. Now rubber-band them and wait for a couple of minutes to see the magic trick work. Before leaving the house, remove the rubber band and let your hair run loose. You are curl ready!

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3. (Tooth) Brush Those Brows Clean

Image Source: foreo

Use a toothbrush to get those eyebrows and hairline a sleeker and cleaner look. Moist your old toothbrush with a hairspray and run it over your baby hair and brows. This will define them and give them a sharper look for the entire day.

4. Let The Lipstick Last Longer

Image Source: ytimg

This might be a 2-minute trick, but it will surely make your lipstick last for the whole day. First, apply a coat of your lipstick and then dust a translucent powder over a tissue placed on your lips. Now remove that tissue and apply another coat of your lipstick using a lip brush, and you are done!

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5. Quick Smokey-Eye Look

Image Source: wowomen

Smokey eye looks sure does the trick to impress or mesmerize your partner every time! But it takes hell lot of time to get that perfect look. What if we say that you can get that quick smokey eye look in just 2 minutes.

Simply draw a slanting hashtag on the outer corners of each of your eyelid, as shown in the picture. Now use an eyeshadow brush to spread it evenly and blend it using a blending sponge. And your smokey eye look is all set to be flaunted!

6. Cool Down The Nail (Polish)

Image Source: ytimg

You have to try it to believe it! If you are running late and your freshly applied nail polish hasn’t dried up yet, then you need to try this trick immediately!

Apply the nail paint in your usual manner and then instead of waiting for it to get dry on its own, you can dip your fingers in ice-cold water for at least 5 seconds. Remove your fingers and let the excess water drip out and don’t wipe your fingers, or else it might mess up your nail polish.

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7. Coconut Oil For Makeup Rescue

Image Source: grittypretty

Instead of spending hundreds on those expensive makeup removers, you can use this natural ingredient to get rid of that makeup on your face! We are talking about coconut oil.

Begin with using a tiny amount of coconut oil and massaging it on your face using a cotton ball. Then wash off with a mild face wash and moisturize your skin at last.

8. Make Your Own BB Cream

Image Source: imgix

This trick will add an instant glow to your face, without adding layers of makeup for it! To get that natural glow, combine your concealer with your daily wear face cream, and your self-made BB cream is ready. Apply it properly on the bridge of your nose, cheekbones, brow area and forehead to highlight them.

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9. Set Makeup With Rose Water

Image Source: ytimg

If you want your makeup to last longer, then rose water is the answer to your quest! The fresh and divine smell of the unique elixir will give you a lively look and set your makeup without the fear of smudging or wearing it off early!

Just spray the rosewater after you are finished with applying your makeup. It will give you a dewy and fresh look that will last for the entire day.

10. Multipurpose Eyeshadow

Image Source: rd

Wouldn’t it be great if you can do multiple things with just one product? Like, what if you can use your eyeshadow for your liner and brow powder? Yes, you definitely can! All you need is the right equipment like right makeup brushes and techniques to know the correct use of it.

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Aren’t these 2-minutes hacks really amazing and useful? So, why don’t you go ahead and test them first! We are sure you will soon get addicted to using these hacks rather than spending hours on doing all the things like a professional. Share your ideas and experience with us.

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