31 Aloe Vera Uses & Benefits – Most Rated List


Aloe-VeraAloe Vera, well termed as “the plant of Immortality” by the Egyptians, and “the Elixir of Longevity”  by Russians in regards to its infallible potential as an herbal plant. This plant  belongs to succulent plant species that has been sited as an herbal medicine since the start of the first century. Aloe Vera is widely used for cosmetic purpose, medical supplementary, and it also beholds uncountable number of healing, soothing and rejuvenating properties; which makes it one of the most powerful plant of its own-kind.

The basic goodness of this plant is derived from its spongy or fleshy leaves that contain a transparent gel that is brought into use for several purposes. This nontoxic plant has the specialty to survive even in low rainfall due to its habit of storing water in its stems.

This miracle plant contains many nutrients including phytochemicals that benefit for hair, health and skin. You can drink its juice or make a topical application on your face or other affected body parts to soothe out burn or injury.

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Nutritional Value Of Aloe Vera

Loaded with nutritional value, Aloe Vera contains as much as 12 vitamins, 18 amino acids, 20 minerals, 75 nutrients and 200 active enzymes, in this gel. Minerals of this plant concludes calcium, zinc, copper, potassium, iron, sodium, magnesium, chromium and manganese. When it comes to its vitamin contents, it comprises Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Vitamins B12, B6, B2, B1, Vitamin A, B1, B2, B6 and B12, also Niacin and folic acid. These naturally found nutritional components contribute to emerge it as one of the most potent herbal plants. In addition, some of the beneficial compounds such as polysaccharides, anthraquinones, mannans and lectins multiply its positive outcomes on health and beauty, while aids towards therapeutic purposes.

Health Benefits Of Aloe Vera

This miraculous plant behold endless number of health benefits to cure health problems, soothe allergies or burns and many other issues that establish it as a medical supplement. Some of which are:

aloe-vera-juice-drinking1. An Adaptogen: An adaptogen is the body’s ability to resist illness and adapt to environmental changes rapidly.  And, aloe Vera is a natural adaptogen, hence intake of this potential juice enforces your ability to fight with stress, pollution and several other mental and environmental factors.

2. Improves Digestion: Laxative property of this plant makes it speed up the digestive processing by providing a soothing effect and cleansing digestive tracts.

3. Relieves Constipation: Aloe Vera makes the food intake pass through your system easily; which makes them easily disposable as a result of improved bowel movement.

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4. Boost Immune System: Antioxidant property of this plant helps your body resist free radical damage and prevent your body from several bacterial and viral diseases.

5. Strengthen Cardiovascular Health: Oxygen transportation and multiplication capability of red blood cells of Aloe Vera help lower blood pressure, balance cholesterol, and makes blood less sticky

6. Aids In Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment: Inflammation and stiffness caused by Rheumatoid Arthritis get healed by consuming its juice

7. Effective In Joint Pain: Topical application of freshly prepared Aloe Vera gel is extremely effective in healing joint or muscle pains.

8. Heart Reflux Treatment : Severe digestive problem causes heart reflux that can be cured by consuming Aloe Vera juice as it soothes stomach walls and provides relief.

9. Assists In Weight Loss: Aloe Vera juice stabilizes metabolic rate and reduces lipid levels to facilitate a natural and healthy weight loss.

10.Helps With Oral Hygiene: A mouth wash with Aloe Vera juice helps reduce plaque formation, relieves cold sores,  and takes care of oral hygiene, while preventing mouth ulcers.

11. Reduce Inflammation: Presence of B-sisterole in Aloe Vera helps in inhibiting inflammation, while reducing the stiffness in joint pain and increases mobility.

Aloe-Vera-for-Weight-Loss12. Aids In Weight Loss: Due to its digestive and detoxifying properties, secondary benefit of this plant is reduction in weight.

13. Anti Septic, Anti Bacterial And Anti Fungal: A handy use of Aloe Vera gel can prevent the growth of microorganisms and aids skin from diseases, due to the presence of sulfur, lapel, cinnamic acid etc.

14. Maintain Cholesterol Levels: It reduces triglycerides. So the intake of Aloe Vera juice on a daily basis increases good cholesterol levels and at the same time reduces the bad ones.

15. Fights Diabetes: Aloe Vera has potential to manage blood sugar levels, and hence regular intake of its juice can help you control diabetes.

16. Soothe Eye Irritation: By using 2 tablespoons of gel in a glass of water to wash your eyes can reduce irritation and redness of eyes.

17. Improve Gum Health: Simply apply Aloe gel onto your gums and improve oral hygiene. It also helps you rid inflammation, pain, bleeding gum problems.

18. Helps In Sinus: Magnesium rich Aloe Vera provides a great help in chest inflammation, continuous sinus problem and many other allergies.

19. Fight Cancer: The high level of anti-carcinogenic properties of this plant can help fight cancer and inhibit tumor growth, if taken daily.

20. Good In Common Cold: Respiratory disorders such as, flu, stuffy nose, cold, coughs, bronchitis, etc. can be cured with daily intake of Aloe Vera juice due to its richness with Vitamin C.

Aloe-Vera-for-skinBeauty Benefits Of Aloe Vera

Although Aloe Vera leaves a bitter after taste after consuming a glass of its juice, though the immediate effect shown on your skin and stomach astonish you with positive outcomes. Presence of collagen in its juice works wonder to improve your skin quality and reduces aging effects.

21. Combine With Other Fruits: It protects you from skin problems, hair fall, and eyes, if taken in a combination with Goji berry and Acai berry.

22. Anti Aging Gel: Aloe gel can slow the rate of aging, if you apply it daily on your face. In addition, it helps reduce blemishes.

23. Reduces Stretch Marks:  It moisturizes your skin to prevent several skin problems, in addition, it helps reduce stretch marks.

24. As An Aftershave: Using it after shaving can soothe and calm the cutting and burning of your skin that is usually felt after shaving.

25. Prevent Sun Damage: Using Aloe gel on sun blocks can be really effective and protect your skin from SUV damage or tanning.

aloe-vera-for-a-better-hairAloe Vera For Hair

Dryness, dullness and split ends are some common problems of hair in today’s women. These are some of the rewards of excessive sun exposure, pollution, dust, sun, etc. On top of that, overly usage of chemical ridden hair wash, gel and other hair products cause dandruff, hair fall, and many other problems with your hair. Here too you can use Aloe Vera as a natural remedy for the longevity of your tresses. Find out some:

26. Hair Growth: Richness in proteolitic enzymes helps your scalp to remove deal cells and clear pores. Aloe also hinders the excessive accumulation of sebum on the scalp, while acting to reduce partially baldness and hair fall, and hence it promotes hair growth.

27. Relieves Dandruff: Aloe has potent anti- fungal and skin cell breakdown properties that further assist in reducing dandruff.

28. Condition Your Hair: Aloe gel can be used on your  hair after a hair wash; which makes your hair shine and works as a natural conditioner.

29. Balance pH Levels: Alkaline properties of Aloe plant balances the pH level of your hair and scalp; which keeps your hair moisturized and promotes hair growth.

How Does It Work?

Aloe Vera gel and latex are two most beneficial parts of this plant. The gel is found in hollow leaves; and the latex is the beneath part of leaf skin.

Topical application of Aloe gel helps in many skin diseases like psoriasis, while speeding up wound healing by raising blood flow in that particular body part that helps prevent further decay of wounded area.

Aloe Vera gel also contains properties that protect your skin and body from the attack of certain types of fungi and bacteria.

When we talk about its latex properties that is derived from certain chemicals found in this plant should be rewarded for that.

Dosage And Side Effects!

Although Aloe Vera is herbal& totally safe still there is one part of this plant that may be harmful if consumed in a large quantity. Aloe Vera contains a yellow latex in its outer layer that can be potentially dangerous, however, pills, capsules, syrups, gel, etc. found in the market are highly processed and voided from this substance. This is the reason, pure Aloe Vera juice extracted at home is not recommended to use. Hence, it’s advised to be very careful while extracting the gel at home to avoid all kinds of risks.

Dosage matters! So take Aloe Vera juice in a prescribed amount as an overdose can cause diarrhea due to its purgative and laxative effects. You should be very careful with its topical application as well as its photo-sensitivity demands to avoid sun exposure while applied to your skin.

However, 200-300mg per day is the recommended dose if you’re taking capsules,  while 2-3 tablespoon amount of juice is sufficient for a day. But the best way to take it is in expert’s guidance and in a directional manner.


If you’re using Aloe Vera juice for long term, then certain precautions should be taken in order to get safe results. Such as:

  • Long time usage of this juice can cause a loss of electrolytes like, potassium
  • Avoid consuming it during pregnancy or menstruation
  • It’s not recommended to use for people suffering from hemorrhoids, liver or gall bladder degeneration


Aloe Vera has a strong ancient back up about its goodness for one’s health and beauty that we can find if dig into ancient Greek, Russian, and Indian civilization. Words will keep silent, if we try to explain its potential in words. So just keep searching about its beneficial effects on your health and beauty, and use it in a directional manner in order to get the better of it. Stay healthy and beautiful!

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