4 Hair Mistakes That Can Make You Look Older


Your hair plays a very important role in your appearance as it has the ability to increase your beauty quotient. But, do you guys know that sometimes the way you style your hair can make you look older? Yes, you read that right. These hair mistakes actually make you look older than your actual age. So, to help you guys out, we have listed some hair mistakes that can make you look older. Keep them in mind and style your hair accordingly.

1. Straight hair

straight hairImage Source: fashionlady

There are many girls who straighten their mane on a regular basis without realizing this fact that this simple thing can actually make them look old. Too much of straightening can mess up your entire look. So, it is suggested that you add some volume at the top and curls at the ends.

2. High top knots

High top knotImage Source: lorealparisusa

You might be amazed to know this but, a top knot can also make you look older especially the tight one. So, the tip is to make the knot loose or try the braided one.

3. Centre parting

Centre partingImage Source: amazonaws
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Changing your hair parting once in a while is good as it helps in avoiding the bald spots. But, do you guys know that centre parting can make you look old? And for this reason, it is suggested that you should try side parting or try out the deep side parting for the open hairdos.

4. Sleek ponytail

Sleek PonytailImage Source: com

When it comes to ponytail make sure it is not too tight or high as it can make you look old. Instead, opt for a loose ponytail to get that perfect chic look. Plus, avoid center parting ponytails. You can find some cool ponytail hairstyles here. 

So, these were the few hair mistakes that can make you look older.

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