5 Beauty Gadgets You Can Now Buy Online!


How about making your makeup routine easier by investing in these crazy yet efficient beauty gadgets? And it makes a lot of sense. It would be even better when you can buy these gadgets online, with just a ‘click!’. Korean beauty products or a selfie stick, all of the things are available at our doorstep, just a few hours later. What a wonderful thing this online shopping is! If you’re a beauty lover, your heart will go to these 5 beauty gadgets which can definitely cut down your salon visits. So we’ve compiled a list of 5 beauty gadgets that actually work and are not gimmicky.

1. Makeup Brush Egg Silicone Rubber Washboard
Still washing your expensive makeup brushes using your hands? Free your fingers and make use of these mini washboards that are exclusively made for cleaning your makeup brushes. You can wear this mini-washboard on your finger like a finger-glove. Dab on some cleanser and rub your brushes over it.

Beauty Gadgets1Image Source: alicdn

2. Blackhead Extraction Kit
What is more satisfying than getting rid of blackheads, whiteheads and ingrown hair at home? These stainless steel tools can efficiently remove blackheads, whiteheads and ingrown hair. But before doing so, read the instructions properly. We don’t want you to get any infection.

Beauty Gadgets2Image Source: buythebest10
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3. Face Shavers
Having too many facial hairs can be a problem. Though shaving your face is not an acceptable beauty habit, but still people are giving in to it. Even the makeup artists have admitted shaving faces for seamless foundation application. It also gets rid of dead skin cells for a smooth finish on the face. You can get rid of annoying hair on your upper lips, chin and between your eyebrows with these mini face shavers.

Beauty Gadgets3Image Source: skim

4. Heated Mini Lash Curler
This is the beauty gadget every girl has ever dreamt about! No need to manually heat your eyelash curlers with a blow dryer. You can get an eyelash curler with in-built heat function. This fool proof beauty gadget will hold the curls for a whole day. Moreover, this gadget is absolutely safe for your lashes.

Beauty Gadgets4Image Source: ytimg

5. Every Drop Beauty Spatula
This pretty looking magic wand must have left you perplexed. Let me tell you this beauty spatula is no different than a plastic spoon. The purpose of this spatula is to get even the last bit of your expensive beauty product. Sometimes, due to the shape of the dispenser, we have to unwillingly throw away the last few drops of our serum or foundation. But now, you won’t be needing to throw away your money this way. You can scoop every bit of your precious products with the help of this beauty spatula. The long handle of the spatula makes it easy to reach the end of even the longest of the container.

Beauty Gadgets5Image Source: googleusercontent

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