5 Easy Tips to Clean Artificial Christmas Tree


Christmas is around the corner and most of us have started decorating our houses. And there are many people who choose to decorate their house with artificial trees. Sadly, these trees collect a lot of dust and dirt because of the storing throughout the year. Many people choose artificial trees in place of real ones just to avoid allergies. According to many environmentalists, people who use fake trees are more likely to get affected by allergies. So, just to avoid infections you can try out these tips to clean artificial Christmas tree that will keep the germs at bay and will make your festivity merrier.

1. Remove it from the box

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First, gently remove the tree from the box and then place it on a plastic sheet. As the tree is facing down the floor, remove all the branches one after another. After that make the tree stand straight.

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2. Clean it with duster

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Now, start cleaning your artificial Christmas tree with a vacuum cleaner or duster. As the branches of the tree are open you can easily clean up in between the spaces of the tree. And make sure you keep the vacuum cleaner on low as it can destroy your plastic leaves.

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3. Prepare warm water bucket

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In the meantime, fill a bucket with warm water and add detergent to it. Mix them well and then use a soft towel to wipe your artificial tree. It is suggested that you should use mild detergents to clean the artificial branches as there are chances that harsh detergents can discolor the leaves.

4. Let it dry

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After cleaning up your tree place it in the sunlight area for an hour. This simple hack will absorb all the extra moisture from your artificial tree which can damage your ornaments while decorating it.

5. And finally, decorate your tree

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Now, you can start decorating your Christmas tree with fancy ornaments and lights.  And don’t forget to use snowflakes and ribbons. While decorating the tree try to include your kids and family members to make this task more fun.

So, these were the few tips to clean artificial Christmas tree.


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