5 Everyday Habits That Are Damaging Your Perfect Beauty


It’s often noticed that little things can make a big difference in your life, and the same thing can be applied for your beauty regimes. Girls! following a proper beauty routine is good, but overdoing things will only lead to unnecessary damage and irreversible mutilation for your skin.

Everyday habits/mistakes damage our beauty more than any other environmental factors or market-based products, so it is better that you must now what things are there that affect your beauty to stay flawless and avoid doing them at the first place.

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Here are 5 such habits that are damaging your skin and adding a dullness to your beauty instead of glow and charm.

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1. Over-Exfoliation

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Exfoliating does remove dirt, dead cells, and grime from your skin, but too much exfoliation will leave your skin dry and under hydrated, which might cause irritation at all time on your rough skin. Exfoliate your skin only once a week, or twice if it’s too oily, otherwise, early aging and wrinkles will start appearing on your skin.

2. Never Removing Your Makeup

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Putting on layers of makeup is itself not good for your skin in this hot summer season. And if you don’t remove your make before going to bed, then it will only cause irreversible damage to your skin in the coming years. Use an appropriate cleansing process for removing makeup and don’t forget to wash your face with water at last.

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3. Forgetting To Apply Enough Sunscreen

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This might be the worst mistake you are doing to your skin, girls! Not applying enough sunscreen, or just skipping it altogether. Sunscreen is good for protecting your sensual delicate skin from the harsh rays of the sun. Skipping the sunscreen part from your makeup regime will only lead you to cause pimple, acnes and blemishes on your skin.

4. Hot Water Showers Every Day

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Of course, hot water baths are e so relaxing, but they are skin-damaging as well! Yes, ladies, too much hot water is not good for your skin and it leaves your skin worn off and dry, if you use hot water for showering daily. Instead, you can simply run a quick cold shower at the end before getting out, which will close the open pores and lock the moisture in your skin.

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5. Popping Your Zits 24*7

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It’s weird that every girl on the planet has a thrill of examining her skin every day, popping out her zits like there is no tomorrow to see. But did you know, this habit is what’s scaring your flawless beautiful skin, maybe causing it an irreversible damage.

If you start avoiding these habits and follow a proper beauty regime, you will surely get a fair and clear skin.