5 Lipstick Blunders That Make Your Beauty Look Older


A good lipstick defines and refines your beauty, but that same lipstick can also ruin your entire look if applied in the wrong way!

You can get a refreshed and chic look in just a few seconds with a simple splash of that bright lippe. But it is important that you first understand the basics of applying a lipstick.

It doesn’t matter what shape of lips you have, a lipstick that suits your skin tone can do wonders for your lips. Also, knowing the correct way of applying that good lipstick plays a vital role. It can make you look older in an instant, from that upbeat chic look, if applied incorrectly.

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Most of us think that swapping a single coat of your favorite lipstick is enough to complete your look. But does it last long? No, right! So, let’s take a look at some of the c=most common lipstick blunders that most women make.

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Here are 5 lipstick mistakes that can make you look older instead of giving you a chic look.

1. Not moisturizing your lips first

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When has anyone liked dry and flaky lips? And applying a lipstick on them is the worst makeup disaster that you could ever do. so, it is best that you first moisturize and exfoliate your lips well, using a lip scrub and lip moisturizer. Then, you should follow the step for applying a perfect lipstick using some simple tricks, to make it last longer.

2. Skipping to base coat with a lip primer

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Lip primer not only enhances the shade of your lipstick when you apply it, but it also prevents your lipstick from bleeding and feathering around the edges of your mouth.

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3. Directly applying lipstick from the bullet

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Using a lip brush to apply the lipstick instead of directly using the bullet will give your lips more defined look. Apply a lip liner first then follow with the lipstick. This will give you a précised and sharp look.

4. Following the Throwback fashion of faded-from-the-middle lipstick

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Those harsh liplines on the outer edges of your lips and the faded shade from the middle is the fashion statement from the bygone era. So, stop following that trend and start filling in colors to make your lips look bold and beautiful.

The best way to make your lipstick last for longer is to apply a coat of your lipstick first, then use a tissue to blot the excess lipstick. Then again apply the second coat of the same lipstick and at last dust some powder on your lips.

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5. Too bold and too nude will ruin the natural look

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Nude lip colors might be a rage for now, but not everyone can carry them effortlessly, without looking ghostly. You can instead apply bold colors or the colors that complement the darkest part of your lips. After all, bold colors aren’t only for the twenties!

The best way to pick a lipstick suitable to your skin tone is to test the shade on your wrist. The skin on your wrist is the closest shade to your face and will help you pick the shade correctly.

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Remember girls, if you want younger-looking skin then it is important that you follow proper beauty regimes, or else you will end up with irreversible skin damages. Comment in the section below.

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