5 Rules That Every Girl with Curly Hair Should Follow


We all will agree to this that curly hair is the new and the hottest trend that every girl wants to follow. Some girls are blessed with curly hair while rest of the girls spend hours to get a fake one with the perm. But, do you guys know there are a number of things that you need to keep in mind to get that beautiful curly hair look? Yes, it requires a lot of efforts and constant care to maintain curly hair. So, to make things easier for you guys, we have listed some rules that every girl with curly hair should follow.

1. Avoid using fine tooth comb

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Generally, fine-tooth combs are not meant for the people with curly hair. If you use these combs to detangle your hair then, it can make your curls break and make your mane frizzier. So, it is advised that you should opt for a wide tooth comb to detangle your hair and avoid hair breakage. And never ever brush your mane from root to tip.

2. Avoid over-shampooing

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Yes, it’s true that you need to keep your hair clean but, that does not mean that you start over-shampooing your hair. Excess use of shampoo can strip off all the natural oils from your mane and makes your mane frizzy. And while shampooing always make sure that you focus more on the roots than the ends.

3. Don’t brush when your hair is wet or dry

 Don't brush when your hair is wet or dryImage Source: lifeofhair

Here we are not saying that never brush your hair. We mean brush your mane when it is damp because when your strands are wet they can break off easily and when your hair is dry it can break and can become frizzier.

4. Use hydrating products

Use hydrating productsImage Source: beautyandthebeatblog

It is very important that you choose your hair care products wisely. There are endless products available in the market but make sure you choose those products which contain hydrating ingredients like coconut oil, argan oil that will keep your locks moist and leave you with bouncy hair.

5. Avoid blow dry

Avoid blow dryImage Source: ytimg

Air drying is important for the people with curly hair but, if you need to blow dry your hair then, make sure you use it with a diffuser because it can help in adding volume to your curls and keeping it frizz-free.

So, these were the few rules that every girl with curly hair should follow.

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