5 Things Every Girl Should Know About Brow Shaping


No doubt eyebrows is a very important part of every girl’s beauty routine and grooming. And in the past few years, various brow products, trends, and tutorials have come up which proved the fact that brows play a very important part in increasing the beauty quotient of a person. So, today in this article, we are going to share some basic things every girl should know about brow shaping.

1. The end of your brows should be darker


This is because the lights strike the center of the face which can make the artificial dark brows look odd. Plus, the dark brows in the front can weigh down the center of your face. While the brows which are thin at the beginning but are thicker at the ends can provide your face a brighter appearance by increasing the space in the center of the face.

2. Ideally, two colors should be used for brows

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Well, it may sound a bit weird but using two colors to define your brows is ideal. Use a lighter shade to define the fill in the front portion of the brows and use the dark one to add volume to the end.

3. Your brows should begin right above your nostrils


This is one of the basic rules that you should follow while shaping your brows. Many people don’t realize this because they are not aware of it. You can take the example of Deepika or Jacqueline in this case. The proper spacing is something which works for these gorgeous ladies to pull off the thick and bold brows look. Any closer, the brows will start to overpower their expression.

4. Never choose between various brow products


For a perfectly groomed brows, you need to use two or more products. So, it is suggested to stop making choices among the various products. Brow gel is said to tame your brows still, it cannot provide you with a perfectly finished brow. And at this time, you need shadow or brow pencils that can help you fill in the areas. So, it is advised to pick a perfect combination of brow products that can help you get that perfect brows.

5. Never use a magnifying mirror

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Step back and take a look at your brows in a normal mirror. Using a magnifying mirror can prevent you from seeing the bigger picture there are chances that you might ruin your brows or over pluck them. So, always try to look up-close at your brows.

So, these were the few things every girl should know about brow shaping.

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