5 Tips for Perfecting Your Mascara Eyes!


You’ve got to admit that nothing can beat a perfectly done eye makeup. And mascara is an indispensable part of eye makeup. Isn’t it? Mascara is a thing you just can’t avoid to have in your bag. You can go from a dingy to dashy with just a hint of mascara. It beautifies your lashes and grabs more eyeballs to your eye makeup. But believe me, it’s nothing if you don’t do it right. Read on to know how to apply mascara without making it too loud.

1. Look Down While Applying Mascara
Most of us have the habit to look up while applying mascara. But do you know that it is actually wrong? This time, when you apply mascara, try to look up. And you will notice that your mascara is a little less messy than before. It will also help you move the wand with a little more ease.

Tips for Perfecting Mascara Eyes1Image Source: i.huffpost

2. Don’t Hurry While Applying Mascara
Rushing will only make you do the whole eye makeup again. So be a little patient and gentle while stroking the mascara wand on your lashes. A ruined makeup is definitely not something you desire for.

Tips for Perfecting Mascara Eyes2Image Source: wikimedia

3. Move the Mascara Wand in the Horizontal Direction
We have this habit of giving only vertical strokes to our lashes while applying mascara. Move your wand in horizontal moves while applying mascara. This will separate your lashes from one another.

Tips for Perfecting Mascara Eyes3Image Source: isabelsbeautyblog

4. Apply the Mascara on the Inner Edges As Well
For giving your eyes a more opened up look, apply the mascara in the inner roots as well. Move your wand from your roots to your ends straight away.

Tips for Perfecting Mascara Eyes4Image Source: atmyvanity

5. Dust Some Baby Powder on Your Eyelashes
To make your lashes look longer without falsies, then dust some baby powder on your eyelashes using a mascara wand. Then apply a coat of mascara. Let it dry. Dust some more baby powder and then give another coat. Your lashes will look lusciously long without even using falsies.

Tips for Perfecting Mascara Eyes5Image Source: liveandbeloved