6 Awesome Tips To Avoid These Common Makeup Blunders


Here is how to avoid a few common makeup blunders. Makeup is something which adds to the look of any lady. Most of them spend hours to get a perfect makeup to get the sizzling look. But if you have to do makeup on a regular basis and in shorter time then I’m sure that you might have faced some common makeup blunders like other chicks.

Common makeup blunders are ordinary as we all face it as a girl. Well, In this article you will get to read a quite relatable list of blunders that we all made during our initial makeup routines.

Here, are the few common makeup blunders that we all make and smart hacks to solve them easily without making much effort:

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1.Excess glitter

Excess glitterimage source: i.ytimg

While doing makeup if you apply excess glitter to your face then don’t worry just follow this simple hack. Take your makeup brush and just wrap it with a tape. Use the tape in the area where you applied excess glitter. The sticky tape will easily take off the glitter.

2.Smudged lipstick

Smudged lipstickimage source: i.ytimg

This is the most common makeup blunder among every girl while applying lipstick. And if this happens then just clean the smudged area with Q-tip and outline your lips with concealer as it will fade away the smudge effect of the lipstick.

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3.Blushy cheeks

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Blushy cheeksimage source: popsugar-assets

This is the most messed up thing that can ever happen to a girl. If you face this blunder then just use your leftover base and dab it with a brush or sponge on your cheeks to overcome this mess.

4.Smashed mascara

Smashed-mascaraimage source: beta.imgix

Another common makeup blunder that we often face. In this situation, Q-tip is the best for the rescue but if you run out them then wait for 10 minutes till it gets dry and then remove. You can also remove it when it’s wet.

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5.Sprinkled Eyeshadow

Sprinkled Eyeshadowimage source: rd

This is a very useful hack that you should follow before applying eyeshadow. Just bake your under-eye area with transparent powder and then apply eyeshadow. Later brush off the powder and with that, the fallen eyeshadow will also be cleared.

6.Over- lining of eyebrows

Over- lining of eyebrowsimage source: blogspot

This a common makeup blunder. Lining eyebrows is a tuff task and if turns a mess then it makes you angry. You don’t need to worry because we have found the hack for you guys. Grab your brush and comb it upwards it will help to remove the excess lining and make the eyebrows look neat.

Now, when you know how to fix these common makeup blunders don’t forget to use them in your makeup routine and share your experience.

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