6 Beauty Tips for Women with Thin Hair


Women with fine hair find it very much troublesome to style their hair. They know how problematic less-than-lush hair are for women. Easy fixes like extra mousse or curling irons don’t solve the problem, always. You dress up in the best way you can, you get your make-up on and when the last thing arrives, you are clueless.
Styling your thin mane is more tedious than it seems to be. Most of the volume filling technique leave your hair with puffed roots but flat ends. And the worst part is, you don’t have any shortcuts. And when we get tired, we just go out with those flattened locks. But no need to compromise with that lifeless hair. We are here with some tips to address your thin hair issues.

1. Use the right products: It’s all about the products you use which make all the difference in your tresses. If your hair is thin but shiny then invest in some volumizing hair care range which includes volumizing shampoo, conditioner, and a leave-in treatment. When you use these products and blow some air into your hair, the hair shaft expands itself to give your mane a fuller look.

Beauty Tips for Women with Thin Hair1

2. Style your hair wisely: you don’t need to cut your hair short just because you have a thin mane. You have fine hair which makes your scalp visible whenever you style your hair. So choose the hairstyles wisely. You can use a volumizing mousse and curl your hair with a flattening iron and let them loose. I hope you’ve already seen the flattening iron curl tutorial online.

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Beautiful young blond woman standing in front of a mirror spraying hairspray on her long hair in preparation for an evening out

3. Try extensions: To make you hair look fuller, make your hair fuller. Didn’t get me? All I mean to say is don’t shy back from putting some hair extensions around the back and on the sides to add volume to your mane. Just make sure you add the extensions on the right side, to avoid making it look made-up.

Beauty Tips for Women with Thin Hair3

4. Keep your hair healthy: you can’t do anything to change your hair type, but what you can do is to take care of your hair health properly. A lot of products are specially formulated for thin hair which claims to volumize your hair to a great extent. You can invest in some root cleaning shampoo as it deep cleanses the roots while strengthening the strands. You can also use a nourishing mask with honey and apricot oil to strengthen your hair.

Beauty Tips for Women with Thin Hair4

5. Consider your cut: It’s a common misconception among women that they go for short hair just because they have thin hair. I’m not saying that it should be up to the length of your knees. But it shouldn’t be that short, rather. You need to cut your hair in super short layers to make it look thicker. Too much short hair with unbalanced layer doesn’t look fashionable anymore.

Beauty Tips for Women with Thin Hair5

6. Limit how often you use heat tools: Thin hair obviously means weak hair. So it is equally important to take care of the strength of your hair apart from styling them. Stay away from heating products as much as you can. Try sans-heat methods to style your hair. You can look on the internet for super-easy ways to style your hair without heat.

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