6 Makeup Hacks for Girls Who Wear Glasses


Who said girls who wear glasses have to look nerdy always? Some girls consider wearing glasses as an excuse to do no eye-makeup. Isn’t it? Contact lenses are time taking, so the girls just step out of their houses in their conventional spectacles. But the rules have changed. The girls who wear glasses can wear the eye makeup as well.

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But the only difference is that you have to be more careful while doing the eye makeup. By using few tips and tricks, you can pull the eye makeup and glasses look together. So scroll down to know beauty hacks for the glasses wearer…

1. Use a Long-Wearing Foundation
Don’t overdo the foundation. Avoid using the foundation where your eyeglasses touch your skin. Or instead, you can use a sheer layer of foundation on your skin. Set the foundation with some powder.

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2. Conceal the Under-Eye Darkness with Concealer
Use a good quality concealer to conceal the panda eyes behind the glasses. Wear the concealer which is two shades lighter than your skin tone. This will highlight your eyes. You can also use colour correctors if you have severe dark circles.

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3. Use a Finishing Powder
The spectacles magnify even the minute flaw in your eye makeup. So use a finishing powder just above the concealer to conceal the fine lines and creasing in your under eye region.

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4. Use Colours of Your Eyelids
You can use the warm shades like gold, bronze and khaki shades on your eyelids to highlight them, if you have brown eyes. You can use a bright shimmery eyeshadow at the centre of your eyelids and the inner corner of your eyes to make your eyes look bright. Wear Smokey eyes makeup if your spectacles make your eyes look smaller.

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5. Wear an Eyeliner Lighter Than Your Frames
If you’re wearing a black coloured spectacle, then pick a grey eyeliner. This will make your eyeliner visible through your eyeglasses. The thickness of your eyeliner should be in accordance with the thickness of your spectacles frame. If the frame is thicker, apply a thicker eyeliner and vice versa.

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6. Blush and Lipstick?
You can definitely use the blush and lipstick to highlight your lips and cheek apples. Apply a pop of colour on your cheeks and lips.

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