6 Physical Features of Women, Men Simply Can’t Resist


Men are naturally inclined towards women. That’s how their mating instincts work. But there are specifically few physical features of women that attract men. When a man is looking at a woman, he’s performing an assessment in his mind. They are meant to check out some specific things in a woman.

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There are 6 such physical features in women that attract men. These physical features are related to well-being and vitality. Science has proven that men are subconsciously attracted to these 6 physical features of women.

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Here are the 6 physical features that make a woman ‘attractive’.

1. A Wider Waist to Hips Ration
A ration of 7:10 is very pleasing to men. Most of the men relate this ration to the childbirth. Men are fond of a small waist and bigger butts. That’s why Kim Kardashian is trending so much these days.

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2. Feminine Voice
A high-pitched feminine voice woos a lot of men. A high pitched voice depicts femininity and fertility. Femininity always attracts men.

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3. Thick Hair
They like shiny and thick hair. Again this symbolises fertility and good health. But thanks to the modern day techniques, those healthy manes are fake-able.

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4. A Pretty Smile
Happy women always attract men. So if a woman is reading this out, don’t forget to brush your teeth twice. Cause, whiter the teeth, prettier the smile.

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5. Less or No Makeup
Believe it or not, makeup is a big turn-off for men. They don’t like your contouring, eyeshadows, lipstick. They prefer natural looking women more. They are more inclined towards women who use fewer cosmetics. But it shouldn’t be the science to tell you that your natural self is the best form of you.

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6. Red Colour
Red colour has always been synonymous with lust. Wearing red colour affects attraction, in a positive way. Try wearing your red dress for a party and notice the eyeballs on you.

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