6 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Miss the Dandiya Night!


Navratri is already here. While some of us hell excited to get our lehenga choli ready, there are some people who are not even feeling a pinch of excitement for the Dandiya Night. If you’re one among those, then I hope this blog will be able enough to convince you.

Dance, music and masti are the best aspects of Navratri. You get to know new people, you blend with your friends and have fun. Just visualise yourself clad in a lehenga choli, dancing on the beats of ‘Lahu Muh Lagg Gaya’. If this still doesn’t excite you enough to get yourself ready, then scroll down to find more reasons to convince yourself…

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Reason #1
Come on, it is a beautiful experience. And you know it pretty well yourself. If you’re married or seeing someone, you can enjoy some quality time with your partner. You can dance with your partner on the beats of some famous Dandiya night songs. Relish the moment of togetherness with your beau.

Reason #2
And so what if you’re single? Who knows this night might start off a new love story in your book of life? *wink face* You can find someone who might interest you. If not long term alliance, at least you can enjoy the adrenaline rush for the night. Sitting alone at home isn’t going to take you anywhere.

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Reason #3
If you’re feeling sad due to something that just happened in your life, then you should go most compulsorily. Such kind of social gatherings uplifts your mood. People are so happy around you. And truly said, happiness is contagious. You will effortlessly feel happy on seeing people dancing around you.

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Reason #4
Are you a food lover? Then what makes you sit at home at the first place. You can try different dishes at the stalls. And Gujarati food, as we all know, is delicious! Interact with new people and have loads of food to pamper yourself.

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Reason #5
Such events are I guess, meant to de-stress our lives. We all so busy with the cobwebs of our busy mundane lives. We forget to live for ourselves. Such event every now and then, makes us forget about everything and just live in the moment. You can keep high-school friends get together at the Dandiya Night. Cool idea, isn’t it?

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Reason #6
If you don’t know how to dance, you can always enjoy the hilarious sight of few non-dancers trying to pick up the beats! They are the real dare devils. You can laugh while sitting and watching people unintentionally hitting each other with Dandiya. Ouch!

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