4 New Ways to Use Rose Petals for Beauty


Roses have always been our favourite. From home decoration to expression of love, roses have been our confidante since ages. We use roses in several ways other than just decorating our homes. Since the Egyptian time, roses have been an integral part of our beauty regime. The Egyptian Empress Cleopatra and Mughal Queen Noor Jahan used rose petals in their beauty regime.

And no, it’s not just rose water which can be used for beauty benefits. Even the rose petals have a number of beauty benefits to offer our skin. The rose petals can be used directly on the skin without worrying about the side effects. Cause there aren’t any!

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Here are the four beauty benefits of rose petals…

1. Rose Petals as a Natural Moisturizer
The natural oils in the rose petals are great for moisturizing the skin naturally. Several perfume and moisturizer brands swear to use the genuine rose petals to prepare their products. You can extract the natural oils of the rose petals and use them on your skin for hydration and moisturization. You just have to soak some rose petals and almonds overnight. crush them together the next morning to prepare a paste. You can add some milk if you have dry skin. apply the paste on your face and body. Let it dry for some time. wash it off with normal water and you will be surprised by the softness and suppleness of your skin.

rose-petals-for-beauty2Image Source: zenfs

2. Rose Petals for Sun Protection
This might sound a bit weird to you. But this really works. Sun can do a lot of harm to you skin. Rose petals are surprisingly rich in Vitamin C which is known to be exceptional in sun-protection. Rose petals also soothe your already sunburnt skin. It guards your skin from the further sun damage. You need to crush some fresh rose petals and add few drops of glycerine. Mix them well to make a concoction. Use it on your hands and exposed parts just before stepping out in sun.

Green tea with fruits, spices, rose petals and bamboo leavesImage Source: savviihq

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3. Rose Petals for Dark Circles
Dark circles are inevitable when the world has gone so digital. But don’t worry, rose petals can help you in this as well. The rose petals naturally cool down and heals the delicate under-eye skin. For this home remedy, you have to crush some fresh rose petals and then apply it on you under-eye region. Keep it for half an hour. Remove the paste and wipe the area with a clean tissue. Don’t wash it.

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4. Rose Petals for Skin Whitening
Rose is also known to cause skin whitening. You can prepare a simple DIY rose face pack for lightening your complexion. You will see the results faster than most of the skin whitening creams and lotions. You will be needing yogurt and rose petals for this DIY. Take some fresh rose petals and add some yogurt to eat. Blend it in a blender to make a smooth consistent paste. Apply this paste on your cleansed face and keep it for 15-20 minutes. Wash it off with cold water. Do this twice a week.

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