6 Shocking Side Effects of Turmeric You Should Know About


Turmeric is so commonly found in almost every household in India so we all are familiar with its extraordinary medicinal properties along with its use as a spice in our cuisines. It makes the food more delicious by adding great color and taste to it. In addition to it, this zest is famous for its healing and anti-inflammatory properties too. Moreover, above all this, it is also useful in treating some stomach infections too.

So, overall it is a herb that could be used in treating various types of diseases. Despite all the benefits it has some serious side effects too that cannot be neglected at any cost.

1. Allergic Reactions: This spice is considered to be safe for all people if taken in appropriate quantity but still some people might fall allergic to it and they may develop feeling of vomiting, nausea or gastric upset. Some people have very sensitive skin and to these individuals, Turmeric containing creams and products may cause serious burns and skin infections. So, in either of the cases, you must first consult your doctor and then go with any kind of product.

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2. During Pregnancy: Though it is fine to consume the amount of turmeric found in food but any dosage above it could bring serious harms to the body. It might promote the menstrual periods of the women and thus stimulating the uterus putting pregnancy to greater risk. There is no proper dosage amount that is defined by any doctor or so, thus, it is advised to avoid in during Pregnancy. Even after pregnancy at the time of Breast Feeding too, it should not be used.

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3. Diabetes: There is a chemical named Curcumin in Turmeric that lowers the blood sugar level hence benefiting the people with Diabetes. But it should be taken with proper care and in prescribed amounts as in worst cases it reduces the sugar level to a great extent and thus falling the person sick.

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4. Infertility: Though using its anti- inflammatory properties is always a smart idea but men who wish to have a baby should not take many quantities of it orally. It is believed to lower the testosterone levels and thus lowering the count of sperm. This might become the reason for infertility in the case of men and thus, should be avoided.

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5. Bleeding issues: The people who are born with some bleeding disabilities or inborn problem of clotting should stay very far from Turmeric. This spice contains platelet aggregation and this means that it would lower the clotting and increase the risk of bleeding in individuals.

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6. Liver Issues: Individuals who are suffering from Liver disorders or have a potential for such problems should simply avoid any kind of Turmeric Dosage. This spice causes malfunctioning of Liver and thus might evolve serious problems like Indigestion or Jaundice.

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With its infinite pros there comes imminent cons too, so one should decide upon the amount of consumption of this spice with the doctor’s prescription.

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